IT Products and Services

We tailor products and services to help your organisation operate more efficiently for greater ROI – plus, we make sure they’re customised to fit your business goals and objectives. We also deliver a wide range of expertise across hardware and software solutions, customer services and procurement and logistics. We’ll share the operational skills needed to meet your IT challenges.


IT departments are responsible for high value, operationally critical assets that are spread across the organisation. Managing the procurement, distribution and deployment of these poses a significant logistical challenge.

The selection and supply of the right IT solutions is essential not just for asset management and budgeting, but also for the responsiveness and resilience of your organisation. CDW’s procurement processes are underpinned by ServiceTrack  our award winning online supply chain management portal which is designed to help IT and procurement professionals manage their assets more effectively. 

Many organisations struggle to balance the controlled purchasing of agreed product lists, at agreed specifications, with the need to reduce time spent on procurement. ServiceTrack provides all of the control required for accurate decision making, while remaining simple, intuitive and easy to use.

  • ServiceTrack delivers comprehensive asset management through a ‘single pane of glass’ interface
  • Each customer has a password protected section of the portal, tailored to their individual purchasing strategy and vendor requirements
  • ServiceTrack offers inventory data, comprehensive reporting and purchasing trend analysis
  • Automation of manual tasks and processes reduces demands on management and or the need for human intervention
  • ServiceTrack fully integrates into your existing systems.

ServiceTrack is an industry-leading approach to intuitive and accurate asset management and procurement.


  • Statistical and graphical representation of key account metrics, documents and updates, with click through function to access the detail behind the figures
  • Today’s Figures provides a summary of status including open quotes, orders, deliveries
  • Notifications provide dynamic updates of account activity including: order placement, ETA date changes, shipment dispatch and delivery confirmations
  • Graphical representation of financial status, orders by item type and shipment location


  • Bespoke catalogue items designed to the customer’s specific requirements
  • Products can be organised into ordered lists and packaged into bundles using familiar terminology
  • Provides visibility of customer owned or held stock, showing the available quantities of each item and ability to call off from stock
  • Multi-currency support
  • Product specification sheets available

Order Placement

  • Basket function allows the assembly of required items from product lists, bundles, customer stock or ad-hoc quotations
  • Allows the generation of quotes and order with VAT and sales taxes included
  • Supports multiple billing accounts set in multiple currencies using pre-agreed delivery addresses

Order Status

  • Visibility of all orders placed with ETA dates available where applicable
  • Access to all shipments for each order with links to courier systems for consignment tracking
  • Visibility of asset information in shipments where appropriate including serial number and asset tag information 


  • Track and analyse full history of purchases with CDW
  • Filter by date range, customer PO reference or by keyword (e.g. part code, manufacturer)
  • Export to excel for review and analysis of data, with export options available down to individual asset level

Service Contracts

  • Visibility of CDW provided service contracts such as Hardware Maintenance and Service Desk function
  • Visibility of asset level detail of items covered by service contract
  • Access to related documents held in the portal, i.e. invoices


  • Powerful search function, providing quick access to searched terms
  • Refine Search narrows down the selection on any page
  • Global Search from the Dashboard performs an account wide search, returning all references from quotes, orders, shipments, invoices, service contracts etc. in a single page view

Returns & Account Information

  • Returns page allows the creation of item return requests and the ability to monitor the status of any requested returns
  • Account Information provides a summary of account balances for all linked accounts, and the ability to generate statements and account activity reports