IT Products and Services

We tailor products and services to help your organisation operate more efficiently for greater ROI – plus, we make sure they’re customised to fit your business goals and objectives. We also deliver a wide range of expertise across hardware and software solutions, customer services and procurement and logistics. We’ll share the operational skills needed to meet your IT challenges.

Financial - Leasing

The rapid evolution of technology is making it harder than ever for organisations to keep their IT estate up-to-date. Replacing outdated kit can be costly but, with competition fiercer than ever, no business can afford to fall behind.

Your IT Lifecycle Challenges Solved

An innovative approach to financing can help both private and public sector customers maximise value from their investments while giving users access to the latest technology. CDW Leasing Resources supports these objectives, specialising in the development and implementation of IT leasing solutions.

Greater Flexibility

Leasing equipment rather than buying it outright allows IT departments to reduce their CapEx burden, with the OpEx model provided by CDW Leasing Resources offering far greater flexibility.

  • CDW Leasing Resources creates bespoke financial solutions that permanently lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for our customers
  • Our team understands enterprise technology, and uses the appropriate residual values to make the decisions about your asset portfolio in line with IFRS or GAAP accounting treatment.

Control and Clarity over Costs

Finance departments often favour spreading the cost of equipment over its entire lifecycle, instead of committing to one lump sum. CDW Leasing Resources ensures transparency for your business by capturing the total cost of an IT project in a single user fee.

  • Costs are agreed at the outset, making budget lines predictable and avoiding any unpleasant surprises
  • User fees are fixed at the start of the project and do not change, even if capital market rates rise
  • We use TESMA Online Asset Management Systems to facilitate tracking, monitoring and reporting.

International Expertise

Making the right product investment can be a stressful process. CDW Leasing Resources is independent of vendors, manufacturers and banks, so we act as a genuinely impartial adviser and provider.

  • CDW Leasing Resources delivers structured leasing arrangements for customers across Europe, Asia Pacific and North America
  • Our international reach means we can deliver cross-border and multi-currency solutions, with fully tax-compliant localised billing in-keeping with the structure of your company
  • Leasing IT equipment can be beneficial to your capital ratio. Our team has significant experience of national and international accounting standards and can advise on the best approach.

We're focussed on helping our customers achieve better value and gain greater control over their IT budgets.

How we can help…

At CDW Leasing Resources, we're focussed on finding the right financial solution for your business. If you want to lower the Total Cost of Ownership of IT purchases, find out more about how CDW Leasing Resources can help.

CDW Leasing Resources is supported by CHG-MERIDIAN who have 35 years of experience in offering finance solutions on all products. Since its incorporation in 1979, CHG-MERIDIAN Group has grown to be one of the UK's leading independent finance and leasing companies, with annual ICT purchases in excess of $1Billion and employing in excess of 1000 people in 26 countries throughout the world.