IT Products and Services

We tailor products and services to help your organisation operate more efficiently for greater ROI – plus, we make sure they’re customised to fit your business goals and objectives. We also deliver a wide range of expertise across hardware and software solutions, customer services and procurement and logistics. We’ll share the operational skills needed to meet your IT challenges.

Software Compliance and Renewals Management

As your software portfolio diversifies, the management challenge multiplies.

At the enterprise level this becomes an extensive and complex issue. With renewal dates occurring at different intervals and over varying timescales, it’s not surprising that many organisations fail in their software compliance.

Renewals Made Easy

When you invest in software to make your business more productive, the last thing you want is to incur unnecessary costs or hinder the workforce. CDW provides a dedicated approach to renewals via the CDW Software Team with support and reminders for renewals processes.

Keeping Software Management Simple

Managing your full portfolio of software renewals, and remaining updated when changes occur in vendor policies, requires a significant time investment. CDW offers customers exceptional visibility of their entire software estate, providing the reassurance you need when working with such important assets.  CDW tracks all customer renewals, over any timeframe, delivering reminders to each client at 90, 60 and 30 day intervals.

Value from your Assets

Each software asset you purchase has a perceived value to the business, and an associated cost that needs managing. CDW is focussed on helping our customers achieve their business objectives.

  • We can provide a consolidated date for your renewals to meet your internal budget management or legacy renewal dates
  • Managing renewals through CDW often provides customers with better rates for collective licensing
  • As a Microsoft LAR, we have a comprehensive understanding of all Microsoft software solutions.

CDW offers a flexible approach to software renewals management, ensuring you can gain full control of your software portfolio.

How we can help…

Find out more about how CDW can help you overcome licensing challenges and financial risks, keeping your workforce operating productively.