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ServiceWorks Backup Connect

Every organisation requires a place to store their backups off site. However many don't have a second site due to the complexity and costs of managing infrastructure. 

In the past, backup has traditionally been defined by tape. Expensive, slow and prone to failure, this has never been a perfect system.

CDW’s ServiceWorks Backup Connect is a solution that enables customers who currently own Veeam Backup & Recovery with a fast and secure way to extend backups to a CDW Data Centre. The solution removes the need for investment in expensive secondary backup infrastructure, support services and associated maintenance.

CDW is an established and experienced Cloud and Managed Services provider with a heritage in delivering these services for over 10 years. The CDW services are underpinned by the CDW ServiceWorks platform which has been built using best-in-breed technologies and is delivered from CDW’s world-class Data Centres. Working alongside our trusted partner Veeam, CDW is able to offer a flexible, offsite Cloud backup service to Veeam customers