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We tailor products and services to help your organisation operate more efficiently for greater ROI – plus, we make sure they’re customised to fit your business goals and objectives. We also deliver a wide range of expertise across hardware and software solutions, customer services and procurement and logistics. We’ll share the operational skills needed to meet your IT challenges.

ServiceWorks Network & Security

Network connectivity plays an important role in truly integrating cloud services with your wider business operation. We make migrating services easier by providing a robust network fabric, offering connectivity options to tie in with your existing on-premise infrastructure and operating on commonly used networks. Likewise, processing or storing sensitive data off-premise and in the cloud naturally creates security concerns.

What is ServiceWorks Network & Security?

Network: Options include point-to-point links, integration with your current MPLS network and various outbound internet options. Our services are also part of the N3 WAN for the NHS. Organisations considering ServiceWorks Colocation can also share in our existing network fabric rather than hosting your own switches and routers in our datacentre. Where more complex networks need to be established, a range of custom network design services are available to achieve this.

Security: We offer a range of security and application delivery control services designed to meet the needs of a modern enterprise and help thwart today's security threats. Services are built on the very best technologies and are managed 24/7 by our team of dedicated experts located at our UK-based Service Operations Centre (SOC). A geographically diverse firewall with anti-virus protection is offered as standard, alongside a wide variety of options to enhance protection as needed. Should you wish to deliver these services yourself, there is considerable freedom for you to operate existing security services alongside ServiceWorks, or indeed options to co-locate your own technology if this is more desirable.

How could your organisation use it?

Network and security is essential, whichever of the ServiceWorks solution you choose. The connectivity and security required to complement your primary services will depend on your individual requirements and attitude to risk. However, it's comforting to know that we have a comprehensive range of network and security services that will make moving to and using the cloud straightforward, keep you protected and help deliver the best possible end-user experience.

Why use ServiceWorks Network & Security?

World-class datacentres, world-class technology: We have spared no expense building our datacentres and investing in the technology that underpins them. As a result, the solutions we deliver through the ServiceWorks cloud are, quite simply, the best money can buy. ServiceWorks Network & Security uses premium, award-winning technology which we have pioneered in the UK.