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ServiceWorks Login: Identity as a Service

Many organisations choose to begin their journey to the cloud with a handful of the most common applications. Email in particular is a pinch point for most, making Microsoft's Office365 an attractive proposition. However, few realise that the services needed to seamlessly integrate Office365 into a functioning, trouble-free experience for your users can be complex, costly and time-consuming.

In particular, Office365 requires the deployment of an Active Directory Sync appliance. This will be responsible for synchronisation and federation of passwords. In turn, this must be managed in a highly available manner so the benefits of the Office365 SLA can be realised. Organisations are generally left with two options for deploying this;

  • Maintain and manage this environment on-premise
  • Adopt a virtual appliance in the cloud

ServiceWorks Login from CDW extends identity management into the cloud as a fully managed service. Managed by our resident experts and hosted on highly resilient infrastructure, the service enables you to get the best out of Office365 without continuing to maintain infrastructure or manage identification services yourself. The result is faster project delivery and cost effective, efficient and sustainable identity management.

What is ServiceWorks Login?

ServiceWorks Login is a complementary service to Office365. Essentially, CDW manages the infrastructure and the task of providing identity management services for Office365. Delivered in tandem, ServiceWorks Login solves all of the identity management challenges surrounding integration of Active Directory necessary for a successful Office365 deployment. Importantly, the service is delivered through the cloud, as part of CDW's ServiceWorks portfolio and hosted on an award-winning enterprise class platform for the highest levels of resilience; more than a match for the SLAs you will receive from Office365. Active Directory Synchronisation and federation services necessary for Office365 are then managed on your behalf by our team of experts.

Why use Login?

  • World-class data centres, world-class technology: We have spared no expense building our data centres and investing in the technology that underpins them. As a result, the solutions we deliver through the ServiceWorks cloud are, quite simply, the best money can buy. ServiceWorks Login uses premium, award-winning technology which we have pioneered in the UK.
  • True cloud: Ensure you no longer need to maintain on-premise or virtual infrastructure when choosing to move to Office365. ServiceWorks Login enables you to achieve a true cloud solution for enterprise email.
  • Low entry cost: The service is invariably cheaper than most other service providers will offer for provision of the cloud infrastructure alone, but additionally you won't need to keep managing the task identity management yourself.
  • A single unit of measure: For the first time you'll be able to measure the cost of providing email as a cost-per-user as our service is delivered just like Office365. There's no need to try and derive this charge from the cost of on-premise infrastructure or taking the service virtually through another provider.
  • Faster time to value: Identity management is frequently the biggest barrier to Office365 deployments. Entrusting this to experts will mean your project is completed faster.
  • In safe hands: The real-time nature of cloud further complicates identity management when working with Office365, potentially making this task even more of a burden to the average IT department. Our experts will keep a watchful eye over your environment and ensure it's always optimised.

How could I use it?

The service is delivered in three variations depending on the importance of email continuity to your business.

  • Basic: Services delivered from a single data centre
  • Essential: Services delivered from a dual data centre solution, providing additional redundancy
  • Premium: Services delivered from a dual data centre solution, but also locally replicated for ultimate service resilience