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ServiceWorks Local for Distributed Computing

ServiceWorks Local is an enterprise-class platform for all of your distributed computing needs. Covering core to edge and based on a scale-out blueprint, ServiceWorks Local uses the latest converged appliances combined with our world-class data centres to deliver localised compute with centralised resilience for branch site locations.

What is ServiceWorks Local?

ServiceWorks Local provides a robust, enterprise-class platform for all of your distributed computing needs. Using a 'hub and spoke' approach, and powered by ServiceWorks Local Appliances at the endpoints, every workload is replicated back to a core location of your choice. Our scale-out blueprint provides the highest levels of resilience and fast, predictable performance uncommon in distributed environments. Critically, zero-touch infrastructure management both locally and centrally eliminates the burden of managing geographically dispersed hardware assets.

How could your organisation use Local?

The solution is perfectly suited for any organisation that operates one or more branch site locations and wants to handover the burden of managing local infrastructure to an expert. Of course, as the number of branch sites increases the task of managing distributed IT becomes evermore intensive. As such, organisations with large numbers of remote sites or operating a franchise model will find the service particularly valuable, especially as the service creates an easy way to pass on cost or create charge-back opportunities. Likewise, organisations with large fleets of locally deployed legacy hardware may find this is a cost effective way to harmonise infrastructure and regain control of geographically dispersed IT systems.

Why use ServiceWorks Local?

World-class data centres, world-class technology: We have spared no expense, building our data centres and investing in the technology that underpins them. As a result, the solutions we deliver through ServiceWorks are, quite simply, the best money can buy.

  • Simple consumption model: Transparent pay-as-you-go model makes the service easy to budget for.
  • Zero-touch infrastructure management: Removes the headache of managing and maintaining branch site IT infrastructure.
  • Optimised for performance: Appliances include SSD, WAN optimisation, compression and de-duplication to ensure local systems run as fast as possible.
  • Low barrier to entry: Minimal upfront cost means the service is accessible to anyone, large or small.
  • Small form-factor goes anywhere: Often IT needs to be located in unconventional places at branch locations. The size of the ServiceWorks Local Appliance means it's non-intrusive and can go almost anywhere.
  • Round the clock management: No need to rely on untrained personnel located at branch sites to manage IT.
  • Something for everyone: ServiceWorks Local Appliances can be sized to host one to more than 50 virtual machines, catering for almost any workload.
  • Built for resilience: Following a tried and tested blueprint this solution ensures business data remains secure and protected, at all times.

See it yourself

What we offer is real, is here today and is available to you. To prove it, we invite you to see it in action at our demonstration lab. You'll have the chance to put the solution through its paces and see how it would perform for you. Perhaps you would like to see where it happens? We regularly host customers at our Data and Service Operation Centres to give substance to the services we have built and the infrastructure that hosts your service. To book your visit, get in touch.