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ServiceWorks Compute: Cloud Computing Services

IT departments face a constant challenge keeping up with demand from within the business – more applications, data and multimedia, all with absolute availability. Cloud computing offers a potential solution to the need for additional resources, but the range of available options can be bewildering.

Cloud Computing allows organisations to expand their IT resources and relieving the strain on the current infrastructure. CDW ServiceWorks Compute is an on-demand platform that reliably supports your workloads, without the costs and challenges associated with purchasing and maintaining the hardware and software yourself.

The Infrastructure you need, whenever you need it

The cloud is often presented as being as simple as turning off and on a tap. But this overlooks the plumbing that is required before you experience the benefit.

  • CDW ServiceWorks Compute makes it easy for any businesses to support increased application workloads with no capital expenditure and reduced operating costs; pricing is based per server workload size and billed monthly
  • We can deliver a fully managed service as well as a hybrid service using both public and private cloud models
  • Guaranteed uptime ensures that the resources your business needs are always available
  • CDW’s flexible cloud infrastructure platform can also include full OS and applications management
  • We provide automated build and orchestration to take the pain out of a new deployment.

Trusted Technology

Security has long been posed as a challenge to running any of your workloads in the cloud. Whether delivered as a public or private service, CDW provides a high-security environment for your applications.

  • CDW ServiceWorks Compute is based on an enterprise-class hardware and software infrastructure, supported by proven, industry-standard management and security processes
  • VMware vSphere offers the most secure virtualisation platform in the industry with EAL4+ and FISMA certification
  • ServiceWorks Compute provides a fully isolated multi-tenancy environment for client workloads
  • Our service is delivered from multiple world class UK datacenters and supported by CDW’s UK-based 24x7 ServiceDesk offering expert advice around the clock.

CDW offers secure cloud infrastructure solution to deliver on your business requirements.

At CDW, we’re committed to supporting your migration into the cloud through our flexible and robust ServiceWorks suite of solutions. To find out more information on how we can support you application workloads please get in touch.