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ServiceWorks Backup - Cloud Backup Services

Every IT department knows how important it is to back up your organisation’s critical data – but running an effective backup operation in-house can be extremely costly and time consuming.

A Flexible, Resilient Approach

For many organisations, backup has traditionally been defined by tape. Expensive, slow and prone to failure, this has never been a perfect system. Because CDW ServiceWorks Backup is delivered via the cloud it removes the need for tape-based backup and gives you greater flexibility and improved performance. 

Cost-Effective and Scalable

Knowing how best to manage your mission and compliance-critical is not a new challenge. But the need to have a replicable version of that data has never been a greater priority. ServiceWorks Backup removes this headache; it has been designed specifically to provide off-site data protection and disaster recovery. 

  • CDW provides you with the reassurance that comes with a multiple data centre infrastructure
  • Because ServiceWorks Backup is cloud-based, if your business grows, our service can grow with it
  • By billing monthly, we remove any CapEx concerns and turn your backup into an OpEx play
  • Cost-transparency is achieved through monthly data capacity usage, while an overage allowance recognises that not all business challenges fall into neat boxes
  • CDW's clear reporting structure, demand modelling and capacity management ensures that you know exactly what’s happening with your data.

Securing your Systems

Backup and disaster recovery is only as good as the reliability and security of the system. The CDW ServiceWorks Backup is developed on an enterprise-ready platform with proven security models and clear well-defined service level agreements, ensuring that your data is safe and available when you need it.

  • Your backup will always be current; ServiceWorks Backup provides regular backups and replication to CDW's cloud
  • We provide granular data recovery, with a flexible customer-centric approach – our priorities are determined by how urgently you need your data
  • Resilience is embedded into the service, with data protected at a tertiary location in the ServiceWorks network
  • Where longer-term data protection is required, we can meet these requirements through automated tape archive features

World-class Service

Any business putting its data into the cloud wants to know who is managing it – to have a named person they can talk to if they have any questions. Like all of CDW’s services and solutions, our customer deal with a named account manager who is supported by a team of industry-leading technology experts.

  • CDW is an EMC certified Velocity Premier Partner and our ServiceWorks team includes over 450 technical service experts with the highest industry accreditations
  • Our helpdesk team, based out of our dedicated Service Operations Centre, is available to deal with your queries 24/7
  • CDW operate world-class datacentre facilities which are power-efficient and sustainable to BREEAM standards 

With ServiceWorks Backup you benefit from secure backup services and disaster recovery that help keep your business running.

How we can help…

At CDW, we’ve built our cloud to deliver flexible, affordable and transparent IT solutions. If you are interested in finding out more about CDW ServiceWorks Backup, please get in touch.