IT Products and Services

We tailor products and services to help your organisation operate more efficiently for greater ROI – plus, we make sure they’re customised to fit your business goals and objectives. We also deliver a wide range of expertise across hardware and software solutions, customer services and procurement and logistics. We’ll share the operational skills needed to meet your IT challenges.

Service Management

Managed services are an effective way to ensure that your IT team can deliver maximum value into the business. But getting the most from your managed services in turn means seeing them evolve in time with the needs of your organisation.

Managed services can bring about positive change, remove stress and add vital skills, but these services will always be judged by the value they add to the organisation. CDW’s Service Management team ensure that our contracts and SLAs evolve with our customers, remaining relevant and highly impactful within their organisation.

What’s Right for the Business

The reassurance that managed services bring can only be realised if an effective and honest working relationship exists. CDW’s service managers scrutinise all our managed services contracts to ensure we deliver tangible value to our customers.

  • Our team maintains the accountability of our managed services contracts – both internally within CDW, and externally to you
  • Service managers have an overview of resourcing on the account, planning carefully how we can best-utilise our team to deliver on your requirements
  • They provide a dedicated relationship management contact over and above your account manager; this provides the opportunity to discuss your service requirements at a granular and a strategic level
  • Service Delivery Managers are ideally positioned to deal with senior stakeholders in your business as they have a complete overview of the account.

Flexibility when you need it

No one wants to be locked into an agreement that has ceased to be relevant. CDW’s approach to Service Management delivers flexibly in a number of ways which helps us to provide a complete value provision to your business.

  • CDW Service Delivery  Managers are specifically tasked to drive continual performance improvement – we always look for ways to act more effectively and efficiently
  • Risk management is a key process area for us. Where there are any changes to the risks your business faces, we can update our approach accordingly and track the progress over time
  • We ensure that our customers have relevant financial awareness and maintain a complete sense of ownership of their contract. If our customers feel empowered by us, we’ll build a stronger relationship.

We are focussed in offering your business the support it needs to run efficiently and profitably.

At CDW, we commit to supporting our customers through their evolving IT challenges, whenever they occur and whatever they are. If you'd like to find out how our managed services can help your business please get in touch.