Orchestrating Technology; Delivering Cloud-Based Mobility

A well-executed mobile working solution will transform your business.

Your business can successfully transform by providing technology to enable a mobile workforce, the results provide a competitive advantage.

Enterprise mobility enables companies to deliver superior customer service. According to research by Forrester Consulting, a successful enterprise mobility deployment leads to employees who are more responsive, in turn making quicker decisions and resolving issues faster.

Better productivity is achieved by enabling staff to work anywhere, using multiple devices, with access to critical data and applications on demand. This presents a challenge for employers, who need a strategy to manage IT outside the traditional networks.

Cloud-enabled mobile solutions can present a challenge to business, as, IT teams strive to balance a first class consumer style experience, while preserving the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information and systems.

The adoption of Cloud computing and the growth in expectations and usage of mobile devices in the enterprise has forced companies to rethink their approach to security. Whether data shifts from an on-premises data centre to a cloud service provider or a user’s mobile device, IT professionals must now embrace security strategies that focus on protecting data wherever it is stored, processed and transmitted.

That’s where a trusted partner can be invaluable, and CDW is on hand to help clients navigate the variety of technologies in the marketplace, working as the orchestrators of IT.

Give employees access to data anytime, anywhere, and you will discover how that improved connectivity boosts their performance, putting them in control and making them more productive. The flexibility of such arrangements typically means staff feel more empowered, and are happier juggling personal and working lives. So the working day can flex around what needs doing, rather than traditional working hours.

CDW helps orchestrate mobile solutions which enable organisations to deploy cloud services that leverage mobile policy management to gain organisation-wide visibility into and control over their mobile workforce. Centralised portals and powerful analytics aggregate mobile usage patterns across networks and devices. These analytics detail mobile behaviour and reveal opportunities for immediate cost savings and remediation of noncompliant activities and security risks, as well as long-term optimisation of an organisation’s mobile policies and investments, thus maximising mobile computing in a cloud-based environment.

CDW works across products and platforms, evaluating each new arrival on the market and interrogating its value for different uses. By partnering with a range of leading hardware and software providers, CDW can guide clients to a solution that’s best for you and the particular way you work.

With offices on every continent, CDW regularly delivers mobile working solutions for international companies, providing expertise to navigate across borders. That means understanding how to support the smooth provision of your IT requirements; and ensuring employees have the opportunity to be more productive on the move, adding real value back into your business.

Contact CDW UK to find out how we can orchestrate an enterprise mobility solution for your business.

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