Preparing the Housing Sector for the Digital Era

The Housing Sector faces many challenges in its preparation for life in the digital era, with many not-for-profit Housing Associations struggling to balance budgets with obstacles like tenant engagement, outdated infrastructures and the need to innovate in areas such as mobility. The combination of rental income waning and a decline in government grants, is compelling Associations to reassess their traditional methods, think more commercially and begin to adapt to a new way of working.

Housing Associations are now more than ever under pressure from both the government and tenants themselves to become more socially inclusive. This drive for digital interaction is integral to new flexible working practices that enable your employees to communicate with tenants, residents to engage with you as landlord and providers to connect with local authorities. Increasingly, Housing Associations are realising the instrumental role IT has to play, transforming how you deliver on your responsibilities.

Our Credentials

  • Well-respected IT provider to UK Housing Associations
  • Work with many of the UK’s largest Associations
  • Help Housing Associations adopt IT to transform operations
  • Strong track-record in reducing operational overheads and improving service delivery
  • Experts in introducing service innovation to attract and retain tenants and satisfy government digital inclusion agenda
  • With a presence on a wide range of frameworks, including, RM1045: Network Services, RM1050: ICT Services for Education, RM1054: Technology Products. RM1557vi: G_Cloud 6, RM1058: technology Services; CDW are well-placed to deliver software, services and cloud solutions.
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