A New Era in Digital Healthcare

Healthcare is an industry confronting big change. The need to radically transform the cost, quality and delivery of patient care is the overriding strategic objective. This change takes place against a backdrop of competing pressures – the need to digitise patient records, tighter budgets, outside political pressures, the requirement to join-up in and out-of-hospital services, competition for funding, control and people, not forgetting legacy IT practices that no longer suit a modern working environment.

Technology is a proven enabler in healthcare – the challenge therefore is to find the right blend of technology and intelligence to shape solutions that meet healthcare objectives.

Providing Technology Solutions for Healthcare

Although the concept of connected, e-enabled healthcare is easy to grasp, achieving it is more difficult. CDW is a trusted IT services and solutions provider with a presence in over 150 countries in both private and public sector IT.

Why CDW?

Successfully meeting the challenges of a modern health service requires more than just good technology. The critical ingredient is the knowledge and experience to orchestrate technology to achieve the right outcomes. CDW has vast experience working with health, social care, third party providers and the citizens that use these services. It means we don't just know how, but why services need to be joined-up, why technology needs to play its part in reducing costs and why health informatics will shape the future of healthcare delivery.

CDW's dedicated health team possesses the industry's highest accreditations, and is committed to delivering technically innovative, support-focused solutions and services to the public sector.

To find out more about CDW's Healthcare solutions, speak to one of the Healthcare Team on 0207 791 6540 or email healthcare@uk.cdw.com

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