IT Solutions for Technology in the Classroom

Improving learning outcomes with technology

Technology is woven into the fabric of everyday life, from the home to the workplace. Today it also has an essential role in the development of young people, and in preparing them for life outside of the school environment.

In September 2014 coding was introduced to the UK's national curriculum, showing that the future of education will very much go hand-in-hand with the future of technology. However one of the greatest challenges in education is harnessing the power of technology in a way that is safe, inspiring and also cost effective.

CDW’s team of education and technology specialists work with schools across the country to help them achieve these goals.

Enhancing, not replacing, brilliant teaching

A committed and charismatic teacher will be remembered by students for the rest of their lives, and the education they provide will help shape those young people's future. Technology should not replace this - but it can improve and reinforce it.

CDW helps schools deliver better learning outcomes for their pupils. Working as a partner to in-house teams, we enable the creation of more visually stimulating and interactive course materials, support improved independent study and help make daily interactions quicker and easier. Technology can allow schools to recognise individual learning styles, and ensure that young people leave school fully prepared for life beyond the classroom.

Support throughout your journey

Just as classroom learning requires both support and the opportunity to try things for yourself, we realise that every academic institution will have it's own way of integrating technology into the curriculum. CDW delivers a range of solutions and services that help ensure you find exactly the right technology, and can deploy it in the way that works best for your pupils and staff.

CDW has a highly qualified team, with expertise and accreditations for all the major technology vendors. As a result we can work with you from the management of your existing infrastructure, through financing your new equipment, to the choice of which applications are available on your devices.

CDW in education - our core services:

  • Infrastructure management - we can manage your existing estate while helping integrate new technologies
  • Finance - from purchase to leasing, CDW can help you affordably expand your IT infrastructure and device fleet
  • Insurance - accidental loss and damage are always a risk; we ensure you can keep devices in the hands of your staff and pupils
  • Support services - throughout your technology journey, CDW’s team can be available 24/7 to solve problems and consult
  • Wifi & security - we can help you build a safe a secure wireless environment for your users
  • Device planning - knowing how to select, deploy and use your devices is key to improving learning and returning value
  • Mobile device management (MDM) - just like a corporate environment, you need to manage your device fleet throughout its lifecycle. CDW can offer the guidance and tools you need to keep control
  • Application planning and management - knowing which applications will work best for your pupils and staff requires experience, and we aim to get you up and running with the right tools from day 1
  • Virtual learning environments (VLE) - collaboration is one of the great benefits of bringing technology into schools. VLEs bring teachers and pupils together to reinforce relationships and improve learning

Working with the leading Technology Providers for Education

No two educational institutions, or classrooms, are the same in how they engage and inspire their pupils. CDW understands this, and we can plan, specify, implement and support the latest ecosystem of hardware and software which aids teacher/pupil collaboration, without stifling creativity. CDW has strategic relationships with Apple and other leading technology providers for Education. We work to the highest standards and have an ongoing investment in the development of our people across all areas of the business. This is backed by pre-release information and support from our vendor partners that enable us to advise on and deliver the latest services, solutions, products and updates specifically for education.

If you would like to know more about how CDW can help your school use technology to improve learning outcomes, please get in touch at