Public Sector

The need for public sector IT to deliver cost efficiencies and best-in-class customer service has never been greater.

But in an era when both private and public sector IT spending is highly constrained, technologies and services must achieve more with less. CDW is committed to helping public sector organisations maximise their IT effectiveness and deliver the greatest value for their investment.

Public Sector Expertise

CDW delivers high-performance commercial services and solutions across private and public sectors. With extensive experience in the public sector, we help customers minimise risk, working consultatively with them to maximise quality of service delivery and deliver real value against savings targets.

Vertical Sectors

CDW delivers compelling, tailored solutions to the following vertical market sectors:

Procurement Compliance

CDW offers absolute reassurance around procurement compliance through a range of frameworks including:

  • CCS RM1557: G-Cloud
  • CCS RM1045: Network Services
  • CCS RM3733: Technology Products 2 (TP2)
  • CCS RM1058: Technology Services
  • CCS RM1050: ICT Services for Education
  • CPC 2016/1519: Desktop Hardware
  • CPC 2016: ICT Solutions and Supply of Network Infrastructure
  • CPC Structured Cabling 2016 v2
  • NHS Shared Business Services Link: IT Solutions
  • NHS North of England CPC
  • Jisc Routing and Switching framework - Lot4: Cisco
  • NPS Wales: Supply of IT Products and Services
  • SUPC Software Licence Resellers Agreement (including Eduserv)
  • SUPC Servers, Storage and Solutions National Agreement

Solutions and Services for the Public Sector

For many IT organisations, an increasingly complex infrastructure makes it almost impossible to resource their team with all required expertise. The opportunity to understand emerging technologies, and benefit from their increased efficiencies and functionality, is often out of reach. CDW's vendor-accredited technical experts design and implement unique solutions for each organisation we work with.

Our products and services include:

  • Infrastructure Services – Storage, Virtualisation, Data Centre provision, Unified Communications, Security and Desktop Transformation
  • Managed Services – Service Desk, IaaS, Hosting, Management and Monitoring, Desktop Management, Connectivity, Field Engineering and Training
  • Software Services – Usage Planning, Deployment, Transition and Protect
  • Supply Chain – Product Selection, Storage, Configuration, Delivery, Deployment, Support, Maintenance and Disposal.

IT Partnership

CDW's dedicated Public Sector team is committed to delivering technically innovative, support-focussed and procurement-compliant solutions and services to the public sector. We offer a dynamic supply chain, which provides real technical and service innovation, together with tangible cost savings. All aspects of our engagement with public sector organisations are underpinned by a commitment to deliver the highest value at the lowest cost.

Getting in Touch

To find out more about how we can help you by delivering real innovation using best-in-class IT technologies and services, please email or call 0207 791 6197.

Working with CDW

At CDW, we understand that complying with procedures for the procurement of services and solutions is a critical success factor in public sector IT. With a presence on a wide range of frameworks - covering Central Government, Education, Healthcare, Housing Associations and Local Government - we are well-placed to support your organisation achieve positive change through IT.

CDW can support procurement of the following services and solutions:




CCS G-Cloud LOT 1 Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
LOT 2 Platform as a Service (PaaS)
LOT 3 Software as a Service (SaaS)
LOT 4 Specialist Cloud Services
CCS RM3733 Technology Products 2 LOT 1 Hardware
LOT 2 Software
LOT 3 Combined Hardware and Software
LOT 4 Information Assured Products
LOT 6 Catalogue
CCS RM1045 Network Services LOT 2 LAN Services
LOT 5 IP Telephony
CCS RM1058 Technology Services LOT 1 Help desk/Service desk
LOT 2 Desktop Support
LOT 3 Network Management
LOT 4 Network & Content Security
LOT 5 Infrastructure and Platform, Maintenance & Support
LOT 6 Audit Services & Asset Management
LOT 7 IT Infrastructure Transition Services & Delivery
LOT 10 Backup and Data Services
LOT 11 Asset Disposal
CCS RM1050 ICT Services for Education LOT 1 ICT Services for Education
CPC 2016 Structured Cabling   Structured cabling 2016 v2
CPC 2016 Desktop Hardware LOT 1 Desktop Solutions
LOT 2 Portable Devices
LOT 4 IT Hardware Compatible with Apple Operating Systems
LOT 5 IT Disposal & Recycling
CPC 2016 ICT Solutions LOT 1 Servers & Associated Equipment
LOT 2 Enterprise Storage
LOT 3 Backup & Archiving
LOT 4 Networking Equipment
LOT 6 Maintenance, Installation & Support
NHS Shared Business Services   Link: IT Solutions
NHS North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative LOT 1 Server & Storage Hardware, Software and Maintenance
LOT 2 Network Infrastructure Hardware and Maintenance
LOT 3 IT Infrastructure Solution Design and Delivery
JISC Equipment LOT 4 Cisco - Supply and Support of Routing and Switching Equipment
NPS Wales LOT 5 Infrastructure Software, Associated Products & Services
SUPC Software Licence Resellers Agreement (SLRA) LOT 1 Microsoft
LOT 2 Adobe
LOT 3 VMWare
LOT 4 Other Software
LOT 5 Software Services
SUPC Servers, Storage and Solutions National Agreement (SSSNA) LOT 1 Servers
LOT 2 Storage
LOT 3 Solutions
LOT 4 Reseller Solutions

To find out more about how CDW's tailored approach to the delivery of leading technologies, please visit our Products and Services page.

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