Your Guide To Cloud Migration With CloudHealth By VMware

Cloud migration is increasingly important to the evolution of the modern enterprise. In addition to the promise of cost efficiency and greater flexibility, the cloud will also be an essential support mechanism for new advances in AI, develops and IoT. But cloud migration comes with complexities. A meticulous process of planning, implementing and optimising is vital to ensure maximum performance is realised, risk is minimised and costs are controlled.

CDW removes complexity with a suite of services to help organisations coordinate their cloud journeys. No matter where you currently stand, CDW provides wrap-around support, drawing best-of-breed solutions from a vast range of vendors into a single dashboard, with a layer of governance to ensure performance, compliance and cost-effectiveness.

CDW’s comprehensive support services comprise of five core solution areas, plus a range of packaged professional services including Jump Start, Health Check and Migration options.

1) A strategic methodology to help you make smart choices

2) A fully managed hybrid cloud solution

3) To relieve pressure and enable progress

4) Public cloud capabilities, optimised for you

5) Opening the door to specialist solutions

Mapping The Landscape

Market structure, cloud types and cloud applications refuse to stand still. The cloud services market continues to reshape itself. Gartner’s most recent forecast suggested the value of the global public cloud service would grow from $153.5bn in 2017 to $186.4bn in 2018.

The largest providers of cloud-based infrastructure – primarily Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure – are expected to dominate that market, with Google Cloud Platform on their heels and Alibaba, Oracle and IBM occupying a smaller segment as a result of their relatively limited scale, but nevertheless not to be dismissed. Beyond them is a layer of niche providers providing a vast range of more specialist services.

Reasons To Migrate:

  • Liberation from old infrastructure
  • Moving from capex to opex
  • A more flexible and scalable environment
  • Quickly create and deploy new apps
  • Enable digital transformation
  • Get new sites online quickly
  • Harness power of big data
  • Reduce pressure on internal resources

CloudHealth ByVMware is the leading Cloud Service Management platform, providing a centralised console to simplify management and streamline billing to deliver value added services. CloudHealth integrates with public cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and resources in the data centre. The platform provides a centralised hub with consolidated data, robust analytics, integrated reporting, optimisation recommendations, and governance.

The Challenge

Managing cloud infrastructures can be substantially more complex than traditional data infrastructures; however, cloud infrastructures have the potential to become highly optimised, intelligent systems that improve enterprises. With the opportunity to automate tasks and processes combined with the expertise of a managed service provider, the relationship between scale and complexity is rapidly diminished. CloudHealth is a policy driven solution that provides full visibility across cloud infrastructures, allowing the ability to identify optimisation opportunities for cost, usage, performance and security, and then automations to simplify.

CloudHealth By VMware Management Services

  • Customer billing and burndown tracking
  • Create dynamic business groupings, called Perspectives
  • Cost, usage and performance management reporting
  • Customer Health Checks
  • Cost optimisation and recommendations
  • Right sising analysis and recommendations
  • Centralised governance and policy management
  • Cloud migration assessments to AWS or Azure

Extended Service Profile

  • Reporting, monitoring, management, and remediation on behalf of clients
  • Monitoring, reporting, and assessments with recommendations for overall cloud management and optimization opportunities
  • Assessment services which highlight opportunities and recommendations for optimization of cost, performance, cloud governance, and security

Five CDW Services To Support Your Cloud Journey

CDW’s end-to-end support services comprise of five core solution areas, plus a range of packaged professional services including Jump Start, Health Check and Migration options.

1)CLOUDPLAN Helps You Make Smart Choices.

Ad-hoc cloud adoption over a period of time, coupled with a confusing array of options, can create difficulties in the construction of a clear and fully costed plan. CDW introduced CloudPlan to help steer enterprise through those challenges. CloudPlan is a strategic methodology that helps organisations make choices about how to manage transformation, which platforms to use for different types of application, objective setting and how to develop a sustainable and transparent budget.

2)SERVICEWORKS Takes The Strain

ServiceWorks provides customers with a hybrid cloud capability that is fully managed. Organisations that take advantage of ServiceWorks benefit from a cloud consumption model that doesn’t require re-architecting of apps that are already running on-premise, while removing the burden associated with managing multiple vendors.

  • Supported by three world-class data centres and enhanced by complementary products from a range of leading global vendors.
  • A comprehensive suite of cloud services, which are empowering operations in dozens of organisations across the UK.
  • A guarantee of 99.999% uptime, advanced security and real-time performance monitoring via a user-friendly portal.
  • For organisations with a long-term cloud vision, ServiceWorks provides a useful midway point, providing a safe platform for future migration.

3)MANAGED SERVICES Provide Peace Of Mind

Simultaneously managing legacy infrastructure and services while trying to manage an IT estate comprised of multiple partners? It’s a major burden that distracts focus from core business activity, creates inefficiencies and requires technical skill that may be scarce.

CDW can provide a full suite of managed services to reduce pressure on internal systems and personnel. Instead of being locked into rigid agreements without accountability, organisations are liberated by CDW’s contracts and SLAs, which are flexibly designed to evolve, ensuring tangible long-term value is delivered.

  • Accountability of managed services contracts
  • Service managers scrutinise resourcing to best-utilise the team
  • A dedicated relationship management contact enables discussion of service requirements at both granular and strategic levels
  • Service Delivery Managers have a complete overview and can interact with senior stakeholders in your business
  • Tasked to drive continual performance improvement
  • Risks are assessed so that approach can be modified where necessary
  • Customers have financial visibility and ownership of their contract

4)CLOUDCARE Eliminates Public Cloud Concerns

For enterprise adopters, the public cloud comes with a complicated set of considerations that can be daunting. CloudCare provides comprehensive support for organisations utilising or planning to utilise the public cloud and sustaining throughout the deployment lifecycle.

Enterprise reaps the rewards of public cloud adoption with less risk, enabling the IT function to focus on value-adding initiatives rather than day-to-day troubleshooting.

In its simplest form, CloudCare offers cost and operational monitoring. At its most sophisticated, it provides a comprehensive end-to-end cloud management programme.

5)Cloud Community Opens Up New Possibilities

Never before have so many possibilities been open to enterprise. This new landscape presents businesses with an opportunity is to transform operations and roll out a truly differentiated proposition to customers.

This requires organisations to navigate through a global ecosystem of cloud service providers that can be dizzying in its diversity, with specific application areas such as connectivity and communication.

To find out how CloudHealth and CDW can help you on your organisation cloud journey, contact your CDW account manager today.

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