Work smart and stay safe with Google Chrome Enterprise

Global security breaches endanger companies large and small, and malware and phishing campaigns are spreading farther and faster. Employees are using multiple devices and third-party cloud-based apps for work, compromising company data. IT must defend against external attacks and internal vulnerabilities, while keeping the business running, so they need solutions that help them meet evolving demands faster.

Meet Chrome Enterprise

Chrome Enterprise provides secure cloud entry so that every enterprise can work smarter and stay safe. With Chrome OS and Chrome Browser, we’re making work easier and more meaningful for everyone - today and for years to come.

Chrome Enterprise protects businesses at every cloud entry point

  • Secure by design: Proactive protections help you anticipate the evolving demands of doing business in an always-connected, mobile world.
  • Intelligent security: Granular policy controls prevent unauthorised access and control user permissions across your network.
  • Future-proofing: Continuous vulnerability management keeps you a step ahead of emerging threats.

Google and CDW

CDW is a Google Premium Partner, and is strategically positioned to support our customers on an international scale. We collaborate closely with Google and our dedicated Google team is here to help you orchestrate coordinated CDW-Google solutions to achieve your business outcomes.

Download our infographic to learn more about how to work smart and stay safe with Chrome Enterprise and contact us today.

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