As companies scramble to find the appropriate control around networking and security for cloud applications and data, the apps and data are already out at the edge, causing new security concerns. These organisations and their end users need and want consistent network and security services for enterprise applications, regardless of where the application runs, whether data center, cloud, or edge.

In the digital era, networking in software becomes the crucial application—enabling access and interoperability across hosts, domains, geographies, and organisational boundaries.

As the digital enterprise continues to evolve, the cloud, branch, and edge require a different type of network than that of the past. The right networking and security strategy for this new, hyper-connected world of distributed IT, applications, and devices is one that is unified and intrinsic.

It should be designed on cloud fundamentals, and should have the following characteristics:

  • Based in software
  • Application-centric
  • Fully automated
  • Elastic scale

The VMware Solution

CDW encapsulates the VMware vision for transforming networking and security. It is built on the same principles that support the cloud, it is a ubiquitous software layer that creates consistency regardless of the underlying hardware or services. It provides consistent connectivity from users to apps and from businesses to data, no matter where they are—from the data centre to the cloud to the edge.

With the Virtual Cloud Network, you can connect, secure, and operate an end-to-end architecture that lets you respond to demands faster, deliver applications faster, and align more closely with the goals of the business.

To find out about the latest trends please read 2018 Networking and Security Trends, click through below to the report.

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By working in partnership with your expert team at CDW we can help you:

  • Provide consistent networking and security
  • Improve application resiliency and performance
  • Migrate workloads rapidly
  • Enable simple, secure, and reliable cloud access

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