Reduce, Simplify and Scale-out With Veritas & Nutanix

Enterprises are increasingly vulnerable to data loss and downtime during disasters as their legacy data protection and disaster recovery (DR) solutions can no longer adequately support their virtualised applications and growing infrastructure. Budget constraints and deployment complexity have prohibited enterprises from protecting their applications, resulting in significant downtime due to software and hardware errors.

Separate silos of infrastructure create multiple layers of deployment and management complexity which result in excess time configuring and provisioning application resources across private cloud environments. This consumes valuable administrator time, prevents key IT personnel from focusing on strategic business initiatives and slows down the delivery of new business services to market.

To address these challenges, Nutanix and Veritas have partnered to create a seamless solution that combines a highly resilient, scale-out infrastructure with very efficient snapshot, cloning, and replication technologies to provide a higher level of data protection and disaster recovery with less complexity and lower cost.


Veritas and Nutanix have partnered to deliver an integrated hyperconverged enterprise solution, tested and proven for both on-premises and cloud environments.

If you are already selling solutions from Veritas or Nutanix, the benefits of selling the combined solution—Veritas’ industry leading data protection, NetBackupTM 8.1 Parallel Streaming, and industry leading Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS—include:

  • Veritas unified data protection provides visibility, backup and restore capabilities for next generation workloads across any environment
  • Nutanix solutions are 100 per cent software-based on Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) technology delivering a full infrastructure stack that integrates compute, virtualisation, storage, networking and security to power any application, at any scale
  • Customers take advantage of a hyperconverged solution with a single pane of glass for easy management and monitoring, scale-out, on-demand architecture with a web-based solution, and instant recovery with fast access and automated migration of VMs

Why Veritas & Nutanix?

Veritas Technologies is the leader in the global enterprise data protection and software-defined storage market. We help the most important enterprises in the world, including 86 per cent of the global Fortune 500, back up and recover their data, keep it secure and available, guard against failure and achieve regulatory compliance. As enterprises modernise their IT infrastructure, Veritas delivers the technology that helps them reduce risks and capitalise on their data across any environment.

The core of the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud is Hyperconverged Infrastructure, or HCI. Instead of deploying traditional architectures with compute, storage and networking components, hyperconverged infrastructure streamlines the deployment, management and scaling of datacentre resources in a single turnkey software-defined solution. Combined with the intuitive management plane of Nutanix Prism, the benefits of the public cloud (fractional consumption, linear scalability,1-click simplicity, and continuous innovation) are available in private cloud as well.

Together, Nutanix and Veritas help enable customers to spend less time worrying about data centre infrastructure and more time on the applications and services that power business. The partnership helps to ensure critical data and workloads running on Nutanix are further protected with a single, unified solution that is the foundation for end-to-end data management.

Highly Available And Resilient Enterprise Cloud

When Nutanix is combined with Veritas NetBackup, IT organisations gain further operational simplicity, ease of management and availability, through a highly scalable, agentless solution that provides a wide range of recovery point and recovery time objectives for all applications and data across hybrid cloud environments.

Through Veritas and Nutanix, organisations gain the benefits of a highly available and resilient Enterprise Cloud solution, that provides true web-scale capabilities. The Nutanix distributed scale-out architecture allows for the cluster to grow linearly by adding nodes when needed without limits delivering an immensely scalable, resilient and high performance architecture.

Likewise, additional NetBackup resources can be seamlessly scaled-out “just-in-time” to bolster performance, improve throughput and increase backup data retention to accommodate growing application environments. The combination of Nutanix and Veritas enable IT organisations to build a highly scalable, Enterprise Cloud that grows at the speed of the business.

For any further information around Veritas and Nutanix services, contact your account manager today or request a call back or any information above.

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