Pure Storage AIRI

Introducing Pure Storage AIRI™ - the industry's first complete AI-Ready Infrastructure architected by Pure Storage, NVIDIA® and PNY.

AIRI has one mission, to bring AI-at-scale to every enterprise, by shattering the barriers of infrastructure complexities encumbering organisations who aspire to be AI-first. Engineered as a fully integrated software and hardware solution, AIRI represents the most advanced solution ever built for scale-out AI. It is powered by FlashBlade™, the industry’s first storage platform architected for modern analytics and AI, and four NVIDIA DGX-1™ supercomputers.

AIRI offers a transformational experience for customers with AI initiatives:

  • Delivers AI performance of 50 racks of legacy technologies in less than ½ rack
  • Enables data scientists to get started in hours, rather than weeks or months that it would typically take with "do-it-yourself" solutions
  • Accelerates deep learning training workloads by 4x by enabling workloads to be shared across all four DGX systems

The first iteration of AIRI is built with the following systems:

  • 1x Pure Storage FlashBlade™, 15x 17TB blades, minimum 1 year support
  • 4x NVIDIA DGX-1, each with 8x Tesla V100 GPUs, 1 year support included
  • 2x Arista DCS-7060CX2-32S for data
  • 1x Arista DCS-7020TR-(F/R) for management

AIRI is packaged with software solutions to offer users amazing out-of-the-box experience:

  • NVIDIA GPU Cloud DL Stack, with optimised AI frameworks for DGX-1
  • AIRI Scaling Toolkit, to simplify multi-node training

To find out more about AIRI™, please see the downloadable documents opposite or contact your CDW Account Manager today.

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