NetApp Solutions for Higher Education

Educational institutions face an explosion of data thanks to online learning, educational portals, BYOD, virtualisation, and other trends.

Today, the public cloud’s on-demand infrastructure and services are making it possible for institutions of higher learning to do more than ever: secure management of huge volumes of data, dynamic collaboration among students and faculty no matter where they’re located, frictionless data accessibility across multiple devices, and robust analytics platforms for research programs.

To prepare IT leaders in education, NetApp offers efficient data storage and data management solutions aimed at higher education institutions to enhance learning environments for both students and staff. As a data management specialist with a whole portfolio of products spanning storage devices and cloud software, NetApp offers higher education organisations, as well as the wider public sector, a chance to build and significantly streamline their existing data processes.

NetApp looks at the entire data pathway to create a hybrid cloud model with an integrated set of endpoints into which customers can place their data. Forming a single integrated operational landscape that plugs any potential gaps in the cloud, NetApp solutions provides freedom of choice regarding placement and management, whilst still applying all the necessary enterprise attributes to make sure it’s secure and protected.

NetApp’s unified storage solutions can help reduce storage requirements by up to 50%, guaranteed1, cut the number of systems in the data centre by 50 to 75%, as well as provide simplified storage solutions for mobile users and consolidate infrastructures.

NetApp technology is helping leading higher education institutions around the globe to cost-effectively accelerate their data storage management solutions on AWS or Azure with:

  • High-performance, secure NFS/CIFS file sharing
  • Low-latency, low-storage snapshots for data protection
  • Fast, incremental data replication for backups and disaster recovery
  • Single-pane data storage management oversight and control

In fact, forty of the top fifty colleges, universities, and institutes in the USA rely on NetApp daily for the delivery of instructional content and for advanced research efforts that shape tomorrow’s leaders and drive innovation.

When partnering with NetApp and CDW, we can help solve your IT challenges so you can get the most benefit from your technology investments. We are committed to delivering the most efficient, secure, cost-effective storage and data management solutions to meet the ever-increasing needs of higher education.

At CDW, our accreditations enable us to advise and deliver some of the very latest products, services and solutions. Combined with CDW’s know-how in logistics of IT supply, our joint proposition holds industry-leading international capabilities to help your organisation prepare for the future by embarking on your journey to digital transformation.

If you would like to know more about how NetApp and CDW can help your institution use technology to improve learning outcomes, please get in touch at

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