NetApp OnCommand Insight

Ever-Changing Challenges in the Data Centre

The growing diversity of platforms, vendors, and protocols in large data centres makes managing and monitoring the enterprise data center infrastructure increasingly difficult. At the same time, IT leaders are feeling the added pressure of delivering information technology as a service by using their own private clouds, which need to be competitive with public cloud offerings. The challenges that IT professionals face today go beyond reducing cost, increasing efficiency, and mitigating risk. IT professionals have to address a new set of demands, ones that are forcing IT teams to respond more quickly to business- and mission-critical demands.

The Solution

NetApp OnCommand Insight management software delivers consistent insight across your data centre so you can monitor and manage your hybrid IT multivendor storage, compute, and switching infrastructures. OnCommand Insight can help you optimize your current infrastructure, allowing you to right-size operations to meet business demands. It simplifies the process of determining what and when to buy. It also takes the risk out of complex technology migrations, such as moving to a hybrid cloud, by identifying which workloads are candidates for cloud migration. With OnCommand Insight, you can manage the IT infrastructure as an end-to-end service by integrating the resources into the company’s entire IT service delivery chain.

Key Benefits

Intelligent Operations

  • Discover and monitors resources, their relationships and dependencies 
  • Proactive alerting and fast troubleshooting with advanced analytics

Business Insights

  • Optimisation of resources with accurate workload placements 
  • Cost alignment with service levels and showback 
  • Centralised view into historical trends and forecast performance and capacity requirements

IT Ecosystem Integration

  • Enables business processes and workflows such as billing, cost, change management, and automation 
  • Open API provides access to discovered and monitored data

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