Mimecast & CDW Security Services

Mimecast is the only cloud provider in the market with a multi-layered solution for Office 365 cyber resilience, covering email security, archiving and continuity.

Despite significant investments in your security defences, attackers continue to infiltrate your organisation. Office 365 adoption is a challenge and exposes vulnerabilities, as Mimecast is fully aware that traditional security isn’t enough.

CDW’s partnership with Mimecast sees us working closely together to provide a range of managed services and deployment options. Our highly accredited Security Solutions team are able to assist you with a full, bespoke architectural design.

So, how does Mimecast provide cyber resilience for office 365 email?

1. Security

  • Email gateway and Targeted Threat Protection keep out advanced threats Office 365 can let in light
  • Encryption and DLP ensure data doesn’t get into wrong hands
  • Works independently or in tandem with security offerings such as EOP

2. Archiving

  • Secure preservation of email data, fastest search speed in industry
  • Removes the risk of customers holding all their data in one environment – single point of failure
  • Independent, verifiable copy of data stored automatically in perpetuity
  • Sync & Recover provides integrated archive, backup and recovery with single-instance storage

3. Continuity

  • Employees continue to send and receive email even when Office 365 has an outage
  • Continuous access to email during an Office 365 migration with no business disruption

Furthermore, when you partner with Mimecast, you can quickly and affordably establish a cyber resilience strategy for your email environment. The power of our security capabilities and threat intelligence, combined with the ability to add services in real-time, creates a powerful and easy to manage solution that reduces the complexity of protecting your organisation from an array of sophisticated attacks.

Companies today are in an arms race with cyber criminals. But these criminals are savvy and sophisticated, with extensive resources and business plans. Fighting this fight requires a different approach. With Mimecast, you can secure your email environment with unlimited capacity and power, delivering greater accuracy without the cost and complexity of traditional offerings.

No matter how sophisticated your email protection solution is, the hacker community always seems to be a step ahead. Only a fifth of IT decision makers in large multinational corporations are confident that their organisation is fully prepared against the threat of cyber criminals. That’s because today’s cybercriminal world is now industrialised. Names like Zero Day, WannaCry, and Cryptolocker are in the headlines. Cyber criminals share information and collaborate, and form large underground networks in an anonymous fashion. They learn the intricate aspects of various platforms so they can quickly identify weaknesses. For example, hackers can easily sign up for an Office 365 account and use it as a training ground for new attacks.

No matter how sophisticated your email protection solution is, the hacker community always seems to be a step ahead, here’s how Mimecast and CDW can help.

To maximize the protection against email-borne threats, Mimecast combines internally-developed and third‐party detective analytics with multiple internal and external threat intelligence sources. This provides customers with a multi‐layered inspection system that is effective against both widely used, commodity attacks as well as highly targeted attacks. By serving tens-of-thousands of customers globally, Mimecast leverages this massive attack visibility to accelerate the detection of the latest attacks.

Mimecast differentiators:

Pluggable microservices architecture: Always-on, always up-to-date protection without the complexity and cost of traditional offerings.

High-speed security immune system:

Mimecast security stack leveraging Mime|OS, tended by an internal SOC team that identifies threats across many diverse organisations.

Mimecast Infrastructure:

Mime|OS is a true cloud infrastructure for email and data resilience.

To learn more around o365 and Mimecast’s security solutions, click through below or contact your CDW account manager today.

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