Managing Risk with Check Point & CDW

Together Check Point and CDW are providing a wide range of managed services and deployment options. Security Solutions specialists are able to assist your organisation with a full, bespoke security solution.

One service Checkpoint provide is a security CheckUp report. This is a high level security assessment that produces accurate readings of a company security network. Our experts will analyse your network and collect comprehensive data on active threats to your complete environment including networks, endpoints and mobile devices.

To assess risk, network traffic is inspected by Check Point to detect a variety of security threats including:

  • Malware infections
  • Usage of high risk web applications
  • Intrusion attempts
  • Loss of sensitive data

Software Defined Protection

In a world with high-demanding IT infrastructures and networks, where perimeters are no longer well defined, and where threats grow more intelligent every day, we need to define the right way to protect enterprises in the ever changing threat landscape. There is a wide proliferation of point security products; however these products tend to be reactive and tactical in nature rather than architecturally oriented. Today’s corporations need a single architecture that combines high performance network security devices with real-time proactive protections.

Software-defined Protection is a new, pragmatic security architecture and methodology. It offers an infrastructure that is modular, agile and most importantly, secure. Such architecture must protect organisations of all sizes at any location: headquarters networks, branch offices, roaming through smartphones or mobile devices, or when using cloud environments. Protections should automatically adapt to the threat landscape without the need for security administrators to follow up manually on thousands of advisories and recommendations. These protections must integrate seamlessly into the larger IT environment, and the architecture must provide a defensive posture that collaboratively leverages both internal and external intelligent sources.

The Software Defined Protection (SDP) architecture partitions the security infrastructure into three interconnected layers: An Enforcement Layer that is based on physical, virtual and host-based security enforcement points. It segments the network as well as executes the protection logic in high-demand environments. A Control Layer that analyses different sources of threat information and generates protections and policies to be executed by the Enforcement Layer. A Management Layer that orchestrates the infrastructure and brings the highest degree of agility to the entire architecture. By combining the high performance Enforcement Layer with the fast-evolving and dynamic software based Control Layer, the SDP architecture provides not only operational resilience, but also proactive incident prevention for an ever-changing threat landscape.

Designed to be forward-looking, the SDP architecture supports traditional network security and access control policy requirements as well as the threat prevention needed by modern enterprises that embrace new technologies such as mobile computing and Software-defined Networks(SDN).

The Cyber Security Architecture Of The Future

Growing connectivity along with evolving networks and technologies provide great opportunities for businesses, but also presents new and more sophisticated threats. Securing networks is becoming more complex, often requiring advanced technologies and high level of human expertise. Separate IT environments often drive businesses to apply different point solutions, many of which are focused on detection and mitigation rather than prevention. This reactive approach to cyberattacks is costly and ineffective, complicates security operations and creates inherent gaps in security posture. Enterprises need a more complete architecture that scales with dynamic business demands and focused on prevention to ensure all IT environments are completely protected.


Check Point Infinity is the only fully consolidated cyber security architecture that futureproofs your business and IT infrastructure across all networks, cloud and mobile. The architecture is designed to resolve the complexities of growing connectivity and inefficient security.

To find out more about how Check Point and CDW work together and what services they can provide to your business, please contact your CDW account manager today. Alternatively, learn more below about the CheckUp report, software defined protection and the cyber security architecture of the future.


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