Intel Xeon Scalable Processors: Take A Major Leap Forward

New Intel Xeon Scalable processors are workload-optimised to support hybrid cloud infrastructures and the most high-demnad applications. You can drive actionable insight, count on hardware-based security, and deploy dynamic service delivery.

Advanced Features Are Designed into the Silicon

Synergy among compute, network, and storage is built in. Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors optimize interconnectivity with a focus on speed without compromising data security. Here are just a few of the value-added features:

  • Optimised Performance: New features such as Intel Advanced Vector Extension 512 (Intel AVX-512) improve with workload-optimised performance and throughput increases for advanced analytics, high-performance computing (HPC) applications, and data compression.
  • Accelerate Critical Workloads: Speed up data compression and cryptography with integrated Intel QuickAssist Technology (Intel QAT).
  • Operate More Efficiently: High-speed Integrated Intel Ethernet (up to 4x10GbE) helps reduce total system cost. It also lowers power consumption and improves transfer latency of large storage blocks and virtual machine migration.
  • Improve Security: Deploy hardware-enhanced security to protect data and system operations without compromising performance.

To learn about how Intel and CDW can help your organisation prepare for the future, please download the infographics below or contact CDW today.

Xeon Processor Inforgraphic

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