HPE Store More Guarantee for Nimble Storage All Flash Arrays

Address growing capacity requirements with less flash storage. Store more application data for the same flash budget.

The HPE Store More Guarantee for HPE Nimble Storage All Flash Arrays provides the assurance that you are receiving the highest all-flash capacity efficiency when compared to other all-flash arrays.

Extracting the most capacity from your all-flash array lowers costs while also lowering space and power requirements.

HPE Nimble Storage All Flash Arrays store more production data per terabyte of raw flash capacity without compromising resiliency. HPE provides Triple+ Parity RAID for exceptional resiliency while offering greater capacity efficiency. In addition, HPE guarantees 99.9999% availability for HPE Nimble Storage flash arrays.

Up to five times more data reduction, plus inline variable block deduplication, inline variable block data compression, zero-pattern elimination and other space saving features results in up to 20% more effective capacity

To find out how HPE Store More Guarantee works, download the Solution Brief & Infographic below or contact your CDW account manager today.

Download Solution Brief

Download Inforgraphic

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