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Using machine learning to deliver a smarter security solution

IT organisations of every size are spending more money than ever to protect their network and assets due to the increasing threat landscape. Laptops, smartphones, tablets and Internet of Things (loT) devices are pouring into the workplace, with every employee now utilising an average of three devices.

Identifying who and what connects to the network is the first step to securing your enterprise. Control through the automated application of wired and wireless policy enforcement ensures that only authorised and authenticated users and devices are allowed to connect to your network. At the same time, real-time attack response and threat protection is required to secure and meet internal and external audit and compliance requirements.

According to IDC, security budgets will grow by 40% by 2020. And in addition to the growing number of threats, the typical IT security ecosystem is changing rapidly due to:

  • The increase in the number and types of devices that a single user may deploy to access corporate assets
  • Cloud-based applications (Box, Salesforce, etc.) that can be accessed outside the control of corporate IT
  • The need to provide access to high value assets to outside entities such as partners and contractors to increase efficiency of key business processes
  • “Non-traditional” IoT devices accessing the corporate network

Security is now about protecting a borderless, uncontained, collection of employees, contractors and partners - all using multiple devices from anywhere, at any time - from outside and within the secure boundaries of the corporate network.

How does IT maintain visibility and control without impacting the business and user experience? It starts with a 3-step plan.

1. Identify what devices are being used, how many, where they're connecting from, and which operating systems are supported - this provides the foundation of visibility. Continuous insight into the enterprise-wide device.

2. Enforce accurate policies that provide proper user and device access regardless of user device type or location.

3. Protect resources via dynamic policy controls and real time threat remediation that expands to third party systems.

Aruba IntroSpect

Aruba IntroSpect integrates advanced AI-based machine learning, pinpoint visualisations and instant forensic insight into a single solution. Attacks involving malicious, compromised or negligent users, systems and devices are found and remediated before they damage the operations and reputation of the organisation.

With a Spark/Hadoop platform, IntroSpect uniquely integrates both behavioral-based attack detection and forensically-rich incident investigation and response at enterprise scale.Traditional cyber defense products were not designed to deal with the sophisticated, carefully-crafted and targeted attacks that enterprises now face.

Aruba Clearpass Network Access control

Clearpass provides built-in-discovery and profiling capabilities to identify the wide range of IoT devices in many environments. This is achieved through a combinations of Deepacket Inspection n(DPI), advanced machine learning, and crowdsourcing device fingerprints.

Detecting threats before they can do damage

With the integration of IntroSpect and ClearPass, the precision alerts that IntroSpect provides mean that ClearPass can respond with the pre-determined policy-based actions- thus cutting off the threat before it can do damange.

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