Orchestrating Technology; Providing Mobile Solutions for your UK and International Workforce

Greater internationalisation of the workforce will require more advanced workplace technology

Increasingly the concept of the deskbound member of staff is fading. Research suggests more than one third of the workforce can already be considered mobile; and by 2022 that figure will grow to 42.5 per cent globally. Those 1.87bn people will need to work smartly and efficiently - and the winners will be those whose IT systems support them seamlessly.

Many aspects are converging; increased presence of the Internet of Things (IoT), exponential growth in mobile apps, transformation to "as-a service" models, continued focus on mobile security and the advent of the cognitive era. There has been a shift in the workplace from a "one-size-fits all" model to a more personalised experience in IT support and service. Users want to choose their own devices. Employees are moving toward smaller, more portable devices and this, along with Internet of Things (IoT), will continue to drive change in the workplace. Security will continue to be an issue as enterprise-grade security solutions remain a top priority of future mobile strategies.

With businesses looking to improve productivity, business leaders are searching for ways to unlock their employees’ creativity and boost collaboration. They will be increasingly turning towards innovative tech to create a full picture of their companies' office requirements. Dynamic working spaces, which are responsive to the activities of employees, will be a growing trend, as businesses try to increase employee engagement. This wider viewpoint of how their workplace operates will not only allow decision makers to rescale their office space and make significant savings in running costs globally, but also introduce lasting organisational change providing better collaboration across the world.

With mobile technology, businesses can better support workers in the field by giving them on-demand access to colleagues and information from applications. These systems are important for all employees including those who work internationally as part of a global company. The offices of the future will become increasingly international spaces. Key skills shortages in one region can be addressed by bringing in qualified staff from another country. Technology can make it easier to utilise resource, and help transnational teams to work together more effectively across continents and time zones.

Greater internationalisation of the workforce will require more advanced workplace technology to ensure that office spaces are capable of adapting dynamically to demand. That's where CDW's advice comes in, centred around a review of how each individual business works. We look for an end-to-end solution mixing in the right software and hardware to help ensure individuals can be effective and productive, while corporate assets remain safe and secure. CDW can help you develop short and long-term workplace strategies that leverage collaboration tools, automation, mobility and analytics. Our services include virtual desktop capabilities, automatic software upgrades, self-service support options and collaboration tools that deliver high-quality operating capability for distributed platforms.

At CDW, our teams will orchestrate IT solutions that will ensure a business can work smart and secure, across the mobile landscape and across international platforms. With Enterprise Mobility Management and workspace solutions that are robust and scalable, we can deliver a cost effective solution that balances employee satisfaction, and data security.

With offices on every continent, CDW regularly delivers mobile working solutions for international businesses; providing expertise to navigate across borders. That means understanding how to support the smooth provision of your IT requirements; and ensuring employees have the opportunity to be more productive on the move, plus adding real value back into your business.

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