Orchestrating Technology; Delivering Workplace Transformation

Carefully planned workplace transformation ensures effective mobile working

The workplace is changing. More employees are working remotely, with a transition to smart workspaces transforming the traditional office landscape.

Employee demands are changing, too. A recent US study from Dell and Intel on the Future-Ready Workforce found that millennial employees rank broken or glitchy technology as the biggest waste of their time at work. And as many as two in five say they would quit a job, if their workplace technology was poor.

Workplace transformation presents a number of challenges. Fixing glitches comes alongside the need to provide secure systems that remain fast and easy for employees to access. And making that happen on the move can prove tricky. As employees now increasingly wish to choose their own workspaces, businesses need a strategy to manage IT outside of the traditional networks.

While organisational and cultural issues may come into play, when reviewing productivity, there is no doubt that technology is massively important. Any move to change working practice needs to embrace IT fundamentals such as security and data access.

At CDW, our advice is centred around a review of how each individual business works. We look for an end-to-end solution mixing in the right software and hardware to help ensure individuals can be effective and productive, while corporate assets remain safe and secure.

CDW can help you develop short and long-term workplace strategies that leverage collaboration tools, automation, mobility and analytics. Our services include virtual desktop capabilities, automatic software upgrades, self-service support options and collaboration tools that deliver high-quality operating capability for distributed platforms.

Security concerns never go away, as those intent on hacking corporate systems continue to invent new ways to disrupt enterprise. Businesses need to invest in the latest, upgradable technology that not only minimises the risk of data security being compromised, but also enables those working remotely to be able to access the information they need, quickly and efficiently.

Time spent searching for information, or waiting for this application or that network connection to be restored, is time lost, and has a direct impact on the business's bottom line.

To remain competitive and productive in today's mobile, consumer driven environment, businesses rely heavily on IT. It is essential that the end user environment and applications are consistently and effectively supported and maintained so that employees always have access to the tools and resources they need.

At CDW, our teams will orchestrate IT solutions that will ensure a business can work smart and secure, across the mobile landscape and across international platforms. With Enterprise Mobility Management and workspace solutions that are robust and scalable, we can deliver a cost-effective solution that balances employee satisfaction, and data security.

With offices on every continent, CDW regularly delivers mobile working solutions for international businesses; providing expertise to navigate across borders. That means understanding how to support the smooth provision of your IT requirements; and ensuring employees have the opportunity to be more productive on the move, plus adding real value back into your business.

Contact CDW UK to learn more about how CDW can help orchestrate a mobile solution for your business.

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