Dell Financial Services

Align technology needs to usage with flexible consumption plans

How far has the IT budget been stretched this year? Has the latest equipment not fully depreciated? Has your finance team told IT that they simply cannot incur any more capital expenditure? Would it help to be able to refresh your IT now and pay later? CDW and Dell Financial Services can help.

IDC research shows that organisations who are able to harness the value of their data show a stronger business results. In terms of the Average Cumulative Storage Costs per Terabyte, over a 6-year period, financing is 26% less expensive than purchasing equipment.

At CDW we believe that it is not enough to just provide technology solutions that enable businesses to grow, we also need to offer financing solutions that enable those businesses to invest in new technology, to get a competitive edge, and grow by reducing capital expenditure.

We can help you free up your digital transformation budget with flexible consumption models available with CDW and Dell Financial Services. Offering an end-to-end scalable solutions enabling business transformation and business growth; a consumption based solution can help you to align technology expenses with usage allowing organisations pay for specific requirements when needed. Models such as Flex on Demand can be scaled up and down to keep pace with workloads.

Plans can be designed around your needs covering Dell EMC and non-Dell EMC hardware, software and services, professional services, subscription and support for both new and legacy estate can be included.

The IT function is being challenged not just to run the business, but to transform the business at the same time, and often within the same budget, by spreading payments over time CDW and Dell Financial Services together enable you to address these critical needs and accelerate your digital and workforce transformation. Organisations can fund 100% software transactions, including VMware ELAs, service and support fees. Payment terms can be flexible with bespoke solutions designed to meet your needs.

Payments models can be arranged on monthly, quarterly or on a buy now pay later model with built in terms to allow organisations to upgrade the plan at any time.

Flexible finance enables an organisation to treat their investment as an operating cost as opposed to capital expenditure freeing up budget and matching cost to cash flow.

For more information please contact your CDW Account Manager.