Dell EMC CloudIQ

The Health Tracker for Dell Storage

Introducing Dell EMC™ CloudIQ, a free, cloud-based application that helps to easily monitor, analyse, and troubleshoot Dell EMC Unity, SC Series, XtremIO, and PowerMax/VMAX systems from anywhere and at any time.

Dell EMC CloudIQ is like a fitness tracker for Dell EMC storage, providing a single, simple display to monitor and track the health of users’ storage environments. CloudIQ makes it easy to track storage health, plan for future growth, report on historical trends, and proactively discover and see recommended remediation's from any browser or mobile device. The cloud-based storage analytics application implements near real-time intelligence, proactive monitoring, and predictive analytics to provide a comprehensive health score of the storage environment.

Cloud IQ offers a multitude of benefits:

Instant Access to Storage health

  • Proactive health scores
  • Comprehensive monitoring
  • Predictive analytics

Cloud IQ offers near real-time storage metrics and presents these findings in an easy to understand and navigate dashboard saving significant time and overall costs.

See the Future

  • Predict impacts to performance before issues occur
  • Present health scores

Cloud IQ helps IT Managers to make better business decisions for capacity and performance planning, as it equips users with accurate information to proactively take actions before an issue occurs.

Go Back in Time

  • Maintains two years of historical data

Dell EMC's latest solution allows users to visualise long term trends in storage health, capacity and performance in each system, establishing normal patterns and identify anomalies to quickly pinpoint the source of an issue for faster resolutions.

Drive business value

  • Proactive health score

CloudIQ's proactive and targeted guidelines create robust results for a reliable storage environment, enabling higher uptime and optimised performance and capacity.

Monitor from Anywhere

  • CloudIQ web access

Cloud IQ allows you to access web storage from anywhere with an internet connection with no licenses or software to install, making it even more accessible to monitor storage from anywhere at any time.

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