CDW and Dell Technologies in Retail

Learn more about retail market drivers, the importance of seamless interaction across the retail value chain, and how Dell Technologies and CDW retail solutions can support your key strategic priorities.


Retail Industry Market Drivers

Seamless Omnichannel

With 82% of smartphone users consulting their phones before completing their purchase in-store, the need for integration and convergence of channels to create a seamless shopping experience, has never been greater.

Ethical Business

Responsible, ethical, and sustainable business is a top priority for consumers today. In fact, 73% of millennials (66% all consumers) are willing to pay more for sustainable products and 44% will choose an ethical brand over a non-ethical brand.

Customer Experience

Whether it is online or offline, customer experience has never been more important. With so much competition, retailers cannot afford for the shopping experience to be a bad one. For physical stores, driving footfall is a number one priority.


63% of consumers expect personalisation as a standard service4. Retailers are exploring innovative ways to achieve nonintrusive levels of personalisation, at scale.

24 Hrs Service

Always-on consumers continue to demand tighter and tighter deadlines. With a focus on convenience and speed, retailers are looking into innovative ways to repurpose their physical footprint and build networks to enhance last mile delivery.


Dell Technologies Retail Solutions

Dell Technologies has been making strategic investments in the IoT & Edge compute market.

  • Loss Prevention - Leverage computer vision to detect and prevent theft at the point-of-sale. 
  • Frictionless Experience - Utilise vehicle recognition to provide seamless customer experiences.
  • Warehouse & Inventory Management - Gain new levels of customer insight and enhance workforce productivity with better inventory visibility. 
  • Reduced Spoilage - Deploy sensors across the cold chain to monitor the conditions of fresh produce to prevent spoilage.
  • Smart Buildings and Energy Efficiency - Reduce CO2 emissions and costly utility bills with smart building management.