Cisco SMART accounts

Understanding SMART Accounts and Licensing

Cisco's innovation has led the networking market for two decades. The evolution of products, along with numerous acquisitions, has introduced a variety of methods for purchasing, licensing, activating, renewing, and upgrading our products.

All Smart Software Licensed products upon configuration and activation with a single token will self-register, removing the need for going to a website and registering product after product with Product Activation Keys (PAKs). Instead of using PAKs or license files, Smart Software Licensing establishes a pool of software licenses or entitlements that can be used across the entire Customer portfolio in a flexible and automated manner. Pooling is particularly helpful with Return Material Authorisations (RMA) because it eliminates the need to re-host licenses.

SMART Accounts allow you to manage licenses across multiple locations by creating virtual accounts which removes the common problem around utilisation and know what is being used and where. SMART accounts allow you to take back ownership of licensing and remove the usage of multiple manual databases for Asset tracking.

Benefits of Cisco SMART Accounts

Solving Inconsistency

  • Simplifying the up to 19 step process
  • Removal of multiple stopping points

Eliminating Confusion

  • Adding a Central location for licensing safely stored and clearly visible
  • Reduction in tools needed

Increase Productivity

  • Simple to Activate
  • Simple to Manage
  • Simple Monitoring of license usage
  • Upgrade across the portfolio
  • Set up and manage multiple locations using virtual accounts

Make the SMART choice today. Email or contact your CDW Account Manager today to arrange setting up your SMART Account.

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