Chrome Browser is Built with the Enterprise in Mind

Today’s employees’ work in a multi-device world. No longer are employees sat at a single workstations from 9-5. The workforce is now mobile, working across time zones and locations, on multiple different devices.

Whether it’s accessing business apps, collaborating on projects or just checking email, the web browser is increasingly becoming the place where employees get their jobs done. In fact, 76% of companies employ browser-based email, and 70% have adopted browser-based office applications, according to a recent Forrester study*.

Chrome Browser provides a trusted, consistent browsing experience across devices, with built-in protections, centralised management, and enterprise-wide control for IT admins to provide an optimal web browsing experience.

Stay Secure

Chrome Browser provides automatic security updates to reduce the heavy lifting of patching that run in the background without interrupting users. Enable employees to stay secure through Safe Browsing that automatically notifies users when a site may be malicious. Allow employees to remain on track without distracted by automatically blocking intrusive ads through set policies.

Empower Employees

Increase employee productivity by using Chrome Sync to get fast and easy access across devices. IT admins can additionally set employees’ homepages to internal sites so they have the latest tools and most up-to-date information. Deploy selected apps and extensions tailored to an employee’s department or role, giving them easy access to the tools needed to do their work as soon as they open their browser.

Manage Centrally

With 300+ browser policies that can be customised based on business rules, and cloud management with a single destination for managing these policies and setting across users, IT teams can simply and securely manage centrally.

Download our infographic to discover the benefits of deploying and managing Chrome Browser to give companies the benefits of fast browsing, security, and manageability.

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“Rethink Technology In The Age Of The Cloud Worker,” a commissioned study conducted by Forrester on behalf of Google, May 2018.