Power Productivity in Your Organisation with Apple and CDW

Users are happiest when they’re most efficient in their jobs, using technology designed for all the ways they want to work. By using Apple technology such as the iPad Pro, your users are empowered to be productive and secure, wherever they are.

iPad Pro can do things like no iPad has done before – as the largest most powerful iPad ever for business with a 12.9 inch Retina display it provides even more ways for users to work faster, better and smarter whether in the office or on the go.

At the centre of iPad Pro is iOS - a secure, versatile platform that provides users with the power and freedom to create communicate and collaborate from anywhere at anytime.

So what is it about iPad Pro and iOS that makes them such a great choice for business?

More Powerful for Business
iPad Pro is the most powerful iPad for business ever, boasting a 12.9 inch Retina display. With features such as multi-tasking in iOS 10, users can quickly interact with a second app without leaving the one they’re already in allowing them to remain productive at all times.

Delivers a Powerful, Secure Platform
Every iOS device combines software, hardware, and services designed to work together for maximum security and simple user experience. With regular software updates that protect from any potential security threats, your users will always be on the most up-to-date release and benefit from the latest security fixes.

Deployment Made Simple
iPad is easy to integrate, secure and deploy into any environment without the need for any intervention from IT saving on costs, productivity and time with thanks to services such as the Device Enrolment Programme (DEP) and Volume Purchase Programme (VPP).

High Residual Value
Not only does iPad have the ability to transform business and the way users work, it also has a high trade-in value making it the perfect investment. CDW’s Secure IT Disposal Services have a refurbishment rate of almost 90% of all equipment collected - helping meet corporate environmental responsibilities of going beyond basic environmental compliance.

Why Apple and CDW?
Apple and CDW have invested considerably in one another’s capabilities to align familiar Apple technology that works how you need it to with exceptional applications and services you can rely on. In doing so we empower your users to think bigger, become more productive, and ultimately seize the opportunities that could completely reshape how you do business. And with unique international capabilities, we are one of the few providers also able to see that your Apple solution is deployed almost anywhere in the world.

If you are interested in learning more about how CDW can help orchestrate the right mobility solution for your organisation using Apple Technology, download a copy of our datasheet below or email Apple@uk.cdw.com

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