Did you know your existing Apple equipment may still be worth a lot?

The rapid evolution of technology is making it harder than ever for organisations to keep their IT estate up-to-date. Replacing outdated kit can be costly but, with competition fiercer than ever, no organisation can afford to fall behind.

At CDW, we understand that for many organisations one of the major challenges with keeping up-to-date with technology advancements is often budget sign-off; however, did you know that your existing Apple IT equipment may still be worth a lot?

Unlock the Value of Your Aging Apple Equipment

Although your redundant IT equipment may be of no further use to you, it may still have a value on the secondary market. iPad and Mac both have a high trade-in value making them the perfect investment for your organisation. By selecting a secure disposal route value can be released back in to your organisation helping to fund new Apple IT purchases.

CDW is an established and trusted IT Services and Solution Provider who has a long standing and successful relationship with Apple. We have a team of highly accredited experts who understand the full Apple ecosystem and can offer in-depth knowledge and experience to help transform your organisation.

The IT disposal service that CDW offers exceeds all UK and European environmental legislative requirements. Current UK Government guidance actually encourages re-use over as the preferred option for responsible WEEE disposal. This helps conserve natural resources and mitigates the need for conventional recycling.

Our IT Disposal Services have a refurbishment rate of almost 90% of all equipment collected - helping meet corporate environmental responsibilities of going beyond basic environmental compliance.

Contact CDW today for a quote and to discover the financial benefits of disposing of your old Apple IT equipment - email apple@uk.cdw.com or call 020 7791 6000.