How to Choose The Right Enterprise Mobility Strategy With Apple and CDW

Long revered for features including inbuilt security, intuitive operation and out-of-the-box functionality, Apple technology has become established in sectors such as the creative industries. Today, they are a leader in the enterprise market.

Apple's iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra operating system updates in 2017 have truly answered the needs of enterprise users, making the integration of Apple hardware and software simpler. With many enterprise employees already owning their own iPhone, the demand for wider use of Apple products from staff is not likely to diminish. For the enterprise, that means users already familiar with the Apple interface and operating system, providing potentially valuable efficiencies.

CDW, as an Apple Authorised Reseller, is well placed to advise enterprises of the opportunities that Apple technology provides, including seamless working between iPhone, iPad and Mac for mobile executives. After establishing a device management strategy such as Choose your own Device (CYOD) with a customer, CDW provide the expertise in integrating with existing enterprise technology platforms so that data can be accessed anytime, anywhere, but security is never compromised.

CDW also has the ability to supply Apple technology and services on a Global scale with a presence in the Middle East, Africa and APAC, alongside Apple Authorised Reseller status in the UK, UAE, Singapore and Australia. As a CDW company, CDW can also support the United States and Canada.

To learn more about how CDW can help orchestrate a successful device management strategy such as CYOD contact your CDW Account Manager or email