Choice Matters

Better Choice for Employees, Better Security and Productivity for You

IT provisioning is expensive, and it is important that employees are provided with the right tools to enable them to do their job; otherwise money may end up being wasted.

In the past, it has been the job of the IT Department to specify which piece of IT equipment each user would be given, with little to no input from the employee. The end result can often be less than ideal – after all, who knows their job better than the person actually doing it?

CYOD schemes (Choose Your Own Device) bridge the gap between employee choice and the organisation’s responsibility to manage and secure the IT environment.  Through a CYOD scheme, employees are invited to choose the type of IT equipment they wish to use from a list of approved devices, such as Mac. Organisations feel more comfortable implementing CYOD schemes as they provide greater security and control over which apps and how much data can be accessed on the devices. However, crucial to any effective CYOD policy is choosing the right devices to offer employees at the start.

Download our infographic and discover the top reasons why Mac is the perfect solution for a CYOD scheme in any organisation and how CDW can help orchestrate the ideal strategy to achieve your mobility goals.

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