CDW: An Apple Authorised Enterprise Reseller

As an Apple Authorised Enterprise Reseller, CDW has the ability to orchestrate comprehensive solutions that embrace the full capabilities of Apple technology.

Our team of highly accredited experts understand the whole Apple ecosystem and can offer in-depth knowledge to help transform your organisation. It is our aim to work with you to achieve an environment that drives collaboration, providing users with a seamless and truly mobile working experience anytime, anywhere.

Global Resource

CDW recognises that customers are looking to partner with an organisation that is able to deliver their IT requirements internationally. CDW has the ability to supply products and services globally with bases in the Middle East, Africa, APAC and the UK. CDW can also support the United States and Canada.


As an Apple Authorised Enterprise Reseller, CDW wants to help drive success and enable you to achieve business mobility. We have a dedicated Solutions Team who are committed to ensuring that clients are using the best technology and applications to drive enhanced performance and results. We have invested heavily in this team, allowing them to work with our customers to design, deploy and implement a truly enterprising business environment.

Application Development

CDW's Apple Solutions Architects are able to assist you in identifying applications that can help streamline your business and improve end-user experience. If you would like to create your own bespoke apps for specific business requirements, the team will work with you collaboratively to design and build a new mobile solution. CDW will support you through the entire creation process to ensure a smooth and integrated deployment.

Device Management

CDW's experts have the knowledge to help build a device management strategy that meets the needs of every organisation, whilst supporting the end-user experience. We understand the importance of successful device management in order to maintain maximum productivity for users. The Apple Device Enrolment Programme (DEP) simplifies the deployment process, providing an efficient way of rolling out all of your devices automatically, omitting the need for manual configuration. iOS opens up a whole new experience of work and play, one that we want your employees to retain and build upon to enhance their capabilities and personal growth.

Apple Business Manager makes it easy to locate, purchase and distribute the content your business needs regardless of the quantity required. You can also access B2B apps designed to mobilise the workforce. CDW will support you throughout the implementation process - from initial planning right through to deployment and device enrolment, to ensure the solution is right for your desktop environment. We have the capabilities to visualise how all your devices may fit together in a holistic framework for device management covering iPad, Mac, iPhone, Phone, Laptop and PC.


CDW are experts in assessing and understanding the required connectivity both on and off campus. Good Wi-Fi requires detailed planning, consideration of bandwidth consumption and device density to ensure you have continuity of experience around campus. At the same time, connectivity extends your network and access outside of campus, whilst still providing the same services for your device. CDW understands the challenge of balancing these demands and can help you overcome this with network access control design services. These services allow you to provide controlled access to your network, data, apps and services to iPad and Mac depending on who is using them, where from and whether or not they are company owned.

Managed Services

CDW understands that businesses require flexible services, therefore we have devised numerous support packages that range from basic break-fix services to premium technical support. Whatever your requirement, CDW has the ability to provide an industry leading solution that leads the way in quality, price and expertise.

CDW IT Disposal Services

We understand refreshing devices may leave you with a host of old ones you need to dispose of. CDW can help. In fact, the IT disposal service we offer exceeds all UK and European environmental legislative requirements. Current UK Government guidance actually encourages re-use over as the preferred option for responsible WEEE disposal. This helps conserve natural resources and mitigates the need for conventional recycling.

Our IT Disposal Services have a refurbishment rate of almost 90% of all equipment collected - helping meet corporate environmental responsibilities of going beyond basic environmental compliance.

For more information on how CDW can help orchestrate the ideal Apple solution for your organisation, contact your Account Manager or email