The SR Group

CDW Provides On-Premise Support in the Middle East


As the SR Group's global footprint increases, it has satellite offices which don't require a full ICT support presence, but which can't afford to compromise on uptime. CDW ensures that the SR Group's Middle East office has a full UK service experience.


The SR Group is one of the world's foremost legal and tax recruiters. As a company it is focussed on developing and maintaining long-term client and candidate relationships, with a consistently professional quality of service delivery. An essential pillar of the SR Group's strategy is the careful selection of its team, matched by a belief in empowering employees with the freedom to use their own initiative.

Business Driver

Headquartered in the UK, the SR Group has strong experience of one of the world's leading legal and taxation markets - experience which is used to good effect to service markets in other regions. Asia Pacific and the Middle East are growth areas for the business, with a particular footprint in Australia, where its hub office has full operational support.

For the Middle East however, the highly active Dubai office does not have a complete facilities or IT team on site. In many instances, the remote support offered by the SR Group's team in the UK is sufficient to keep the business operational. But some issues require a more hands-on presence, which is why the SR Group contacted CDW.

Working with CDW

With its strong professional services-driven culture, the SR Group is focussed on providing the best recruitment experience to both its clients and prospects. As a result, the company has high expectations for the performance of its IT infrastructure, irrespective of the market in which the team is operating. The Dubai office posed a challenge however, as service SLA's weren't available to meet the company's needs. But then the SR group spoke to CDW.

Solution: Middle East Maintenance Services

"We can deliver significant levels of remote support to Dubai - seamlessly from our UK centre," comments Stuart Pepper, IT Director for The SR Group. "This gives us good visibility of how the office is operating, and ensures we have control in many critical areas. But without an on-site presence, it's difficult to deliver on performance requirements."

"When we opened the Dubai office, the local IT support available was 'best endeavours' - at best. The SLA's just weren't there to support a business with our sorts of demands. CDW's approach was entirely different. It was as if we were discussing a service contract for an office just outside London".


"For a remote office like ours, it feels as though we have a UK team on-site, just when they're needed. Working with CDW has meant working with UK-sourced and trained engineers who are experienced in managing our standard of infrastructure."

"During our relationship with CDW, it became apparent that we had a setup which gave us the freedom to leave serviced offices and establish our own premises. The transition of our infrastructure was painless - things just worked - and so you could say that CDW has become a part of our growth story. Without that technical reassurance and support, we'd probably not have gained the momentum to move."