Quadriga provides guest technology managed services for the global hospitality industry


Supporting guest technology managed services for 300,000 guest rooms around the world, efficiency and consistency of quality are crucial for Quadriga. CDW gives it the assurance that deployments will be carried out without a hitch, on-time, all while ensuring a high level of customer service across the board.


Quadriga is a guest technology managed service provider for the hotel and hospitality industry, with over 275 employees working across North America, Europe the Middle East and Africa. The company supports more than 300,000 guest rooms worldwide with a range of TV and mobile communications platforms, guest internet solutions, network management and multimedia services.

Business Driver

The market that Quadriga operates in is changing. Companies are not just focused on one part of the hospitality industry and, as a consequence, Quadriga provides guest technology to everything from luxury hotels through to independent B&B's. This makes the quality and consistency of technology deployments, such as the guest entertainment cabinets that it provides, critical to its business model.

With the previous partner operating primarily as a Telco provider, technical problems with deployment of these cabinets occurred on a regular basis and the engineers concerned were often unable to provide a solution to server issues. Compounding these technical hurdles Quadriga felt it was not receiving the level of service that it deserved. As a relatively small account for the supplier in question, it often found itself pushed down the priorities list which hampered the high-quality level of service that Quadriga prides itself on.

Working with CDW

Having previously worked with CDW on other projects, Director of Supply Chain at Quadriga, Ian Stephens, knew that the team could do the job.

"The quality of service and account management that we get with CDW is second to none," comments Stephens. "Regardless of the size of our initial custom, CDW treated us with the utmost care and, as a result, we invested further and became a bigger customer. In addition to this, CDW's strength and breadth of relationship with a number of large vendors has opened doors to new business opportunities for us. Consequently, we have improved our standing with businesses that can play a big role in our growth as a company."

"Above all, the team at CDW keeps our working lives simple. Its approach to credit limits is the embodiment of this stance. By making it such a simple process to accredit us as a loyal customer, CDW has freed us up to secure a significant amount of project work worldwide, rather than wasting precious time jumping through regulatory hoops - time that could cost us a deal."

The Solution

"When we began looking for a new partner to build and distribute the racks of our on-demand entertainment systems, we came across companies that wanted us to buy every component of the rack with them, as well as the build services," says Stephens. "We already had deals in place so this was just not practical. CDW allowed us to make a seamless transition. We purchase server hardware and networking products through CDW and leave them to manage the technical configuration and build of the rack. Knowing that the team can do this means that we stop having to worry about just keeping the lights on and can work in a way that best suits us."

What it means for Quadriga

Working with CDW has freed Quadriga up to concentrate on growing the company, safe in the knowledge that the day-to-day business of deploying technology will run seamlessly. "With our previous partner I would be dealing with a technical issue every week," comments Stephens. "In contrast, over the past 18 months we have worked with CDW on 150 rack builds without a single issue. On top of this we are serving our customers efficiently. We are currently running at a 95% on-time delivery rate for build and shipment of our racks; when we combine this with the lack of technical issues, we can guarantee that our existing customers get the highest possible level of service."

CDW is not just helping Quadriga in the here and now, Stephens states, "We are rapidly expanding our operations worldwide and as we do so, centralising procurement will become increasingly beneficial. CDW's global coverage will be central to this, allowing us to standardise the products that we deliver worldwide to ensure consistent quality and cut down on the administrative burden of handling different components sourced locally. Put simply, working with CDW gives us the freedom and the ability to grow as a business. That is priceless."

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