GMC Clinics

CDW provides full outsourced IT operations in the Middle East


  • GMC is at the forefront of professional GP and Dental services within Dubai
  • The Executive management undertook a strategic review and wanted to investigate their technology operation support options both in-house and in the market place
  • CDW proposed a full outsourced IT model for GMC's 15 sites across Dubai


GMC has been providing professional GP and dental healthcare in Dubai since 1976 and is widely recognised as one of the leading practitioners in this field. They believe that every customer should feel absolute trust in the medical advice and service that is given.

GMC provides easy access to professional healthcare that is within reach of every major neighbourhood in Dubai, thanks to 15 sites across the city. Their comfortable and modern clinics, with their family-oriented atmosphere, perform a vital role in caring for the community, supporting individuals, families, local corporations and multinationals in their healthcare needs.

Business driver

Technology plays an essential role in GMC's work. Not only does it enable a better customer experience, it is also increasingly required by legislations for patient records and insurance claims. Alongside these technological challenges, the firm developed an increasing requirement for 24/7 coverage across a wide scope of IT expertise.

GMC's 15 sites range from services in hotels to stand alone offices. This poses an additional issue in terms of the scale of technology required, and the capability to standardise the type of IT support which is delivered. GMC wanted to review how best to meet these significant IT operational support challenges.

Working with CDW

GMC has to balance the complexity of these three pillars within its IT structure - fast moving technology, intensive support requirement and varied operational sites. CDW was able to propose an outsourced IT support contract which addressed all of these needs, and moved GMC from the back foot to the forefront of IT management. A combination of remote and on-site support responded to GMC's business demands.

Solution: Full Outsourced IT Operations

Healthcare is as emotionally demanding as it is technologically. GMC seeks to reassure all its patients that the company is there to address their needs at all times. Internally, this puts significant pressure on the IT team to give the same reassurance to the business. This 24/7 culture proved impossible to maintain with an in-house IT model.

"CDW provides us with an SLA-driven service contract which offers comprehensive, round-the-clock support," comments Kimberly Tully, CEO, GMC. "Their 24x7x365 helpdesk means that we never feel isolated. CDW's team of engineers is accredited by the big IT vendors such as HP, IBM, Cisco and Microsoft. So having on-site support from this team adds a significant layer of business resilience which is critical to us."

"Dealing with our multiple sites has brought challenges due to their highly diverse nature. Hotel-based premises look and feel very different to dedicated clinics. That hasn't phased CDW; their experience in working with different companies across the region has shown through here."


"GMC's IT infrastructure has become a leading point of innovation in the business. Where previously technological constraints may have held us back, we can now offer new line-of-business applications which previously we couldn't have implemented. CDW has been critical to this. IT within our organisation has gone from an old-fashioned cost centre to a true enabler. It's a refreshing way to work."

"Perhaps the thing that has most pleased me about the transition we've made as a business is the ease with which it has taken place. It sounds like a painful process to make this switch to such a significant level of outsourcing, but we're talking two weeks from engagement to the services going live. I don't think that level of effective service delivery is readily found elsewhere in the region. We have a strong partnership here."