Centrica Storage

CDW has provided Centrica Storage with a new platform for its future communications.


With a team dispersed from traditional office environments to offshore rigs, Centrica Storage relies on constant technological evolution to safely and efficiently store gas for the UK market. CDW has provided Centrica Storage with a new platform for its future communications.


Centrica Storage is a key part of the UK's gas industry. The company stores around 118 bn cubic ft of natural gas at pressures of over 200 bar, and across its operations can deliver more than 1.5 billion cubic feet of gas per day – equating to approximately 10% of the UK's peak day demand.

Business Driver

Whether based in the challenging environment of the North Sea, or sat more conventionally at a desk on the mainland, Centrica Storage's employees need to communicate quickly and directly. Instant messaging has been an important part of the firm's communications in recent years but Centrica Storage envisaged a more integrated experience for its users to collaborate.

Centrica Storage approached CDW to help move its critical business communications forward. Developing a vision for how new communications technologies can facilitate a better way of working within the business, CDW provided a project with reliability, efficiency and an intuitive interface at the core. This would ensure that the technology could be deployed across all of Centrica Storage's sites with no interruption to operations.

Working with CDW

CDW is a Microsoft LSP with a highly accredited expert team who have deployed Microsoft solutions across a wide range of business. Experienced in working across a wide range of industries, CDW is adept at matching technology to business needs. We treat technology as an enabler of business value and are accountable for the benefits we deliver to every customer – whether it's cost savings, efficiencies or the platform for an entirely new way of working.

Solution: ServiceWorks Lync

CDW developed a comprehensive plan for deploying Microsoft Lync across Centrica Storage's business, recognising that there was the opportunity to empower users to get more value from their communications. Lync provides a consistent, single experience for instant messaging, voice and video, which is invaluable to a dispersed business such as Centrica Storage.

To ensure business resilience, and a reduction in the demands placed on Centrica Storage's IT team, CDW is fully managing all of the company's Lync instances in its tier 3 data centres. Part of CDW ServiceWorks, this suite of cloud solutions was built by CDW from the ground up. This means our team understands how to get the most from each service so that clients see the maximum benefit.

What it means for Centrica Storage

"Our communications have now been upgraded to offer employees an advanced way to collaborate with voice, video and information which is key for a geographically dispersed organisation, but importantly the technology has remained accessible," comments Kamini Patel at Centrica Storage. "This upgrade is planned to deliver a complete PBX replacement programme. With CDW managing the process, we've found it easy to fully integrate employee PCs into Lync, allowing us to go ahead with the removal of physical handsets."

Today, the Centrica Storage team sat onshore feel seamlessly connected to their colleagues in the middle of the North Sea. It allows teams to work side by side, when in fact they're almost oceans apart - a powerful tool for the business. And because this ServiceWorks Lync deployment is delivered as a dedicated instance, Centrica Storage now has a highly customisable communications platform which gives the business greater flexibility both now and in the future.

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