Bolton School

Building on a longstanding commitment to IT, the school's innovative 1:1 iPad programme puts it firmly at the forefront of e-learning in the UK


One of the top performing independent schools in the North of England, Bolton School believes in delivering traditional values using modern approaches. Building on a longstanding commitment to IT, the school’s innovative 1:1 iPad programme puts it firmly at the forefront of e-learning in the UK.


"Technology has become a natural extension to the lives of young people today," states Philip Britton MBE, Headmaster of Bolton School Boys' Division. "And so it is that we are preparing our pupils for a working life that will involve technology. However this is part of an approach to teaching that embraces variety; it is not about replacing the teacher."

Bolton School excels academically. The strategic decision by senior management to undertake a 1:1 iPad programme was therefore not to solve a problem. Instead it reflects the school's holistic vision for education today - and in the future.

Improving Learning Outcomes

"The expectation of strong grades is a given for Bolton School. We are committed to helping our students achieve those results, but there are other skills that are essential to the experience here at the school," comments Sue Hincks, Headmistress of Bolton School Girls' Division. "Our iPad-based approach to e-learning directly reinforces the key traits we nurture in our pupils - independence in learning, resilience and overcoming a fear of failure, learning to work collaboratively and discovering how to think creatively."

CDW's education specialists have helped Bolton School's IT team design a bespoke deployment strategy for their fleet of around 2,500 iPads. From the leasing of the devices through to the configuration of productivity software on each iPad, CDW has been on hand to ensure the best outcomes for Bolton School and its pupils and staff.

Teaching with Apple

E-learning has become a central part of the personal development in which Bolton School so strongly believes. "One of the great benefits of e-learning is its role in supporting a full education. For a pupil who has been playing rugby or learning the violin, it is far easier to re-integrate into a curriculum when you can review materials and watch a presentation", Mr Britton identifies. "Technology is allowing learning and personal development to go hand-in-hand."

Bolton School showcases the power of technology to support a pupil's development across the board. It is easy for a diverse range of activities to be supported, while learning in the classroom also becomes more impactful and fun.

Working with CDW

With such large school premises, getting the most from the huge fleet of iPads requires devices that can connect wirelessly wherever they need to. CDW worked closely with Bolton School's Head of IT, Tony Fox, to manage this connectivity - as well as the fleet of devices and the key productivity apps selected in consultation with the school.

"With around 2,500 tablets, and numerous desktops and laptops in addition, we operate on the scale of a mid-size enterprise," states Mr Fox. "CDW has been a critical partner in this deployment, in no small part, because of their expertise when it comes to Apple technology. Knowing they are a certified Apple Solution Expert for Education has provided great reassurance. In real terms their team and ours have worked in absolute harmony, and we know that we can turn to them to help resolve any challenges we face."