Work/Life Balance

Posted by ewilliamson on June 16, 2015

Not so long ago work/life balance meant redeeming previously built up flexitime or being able to work from home on a Friday through a VPN or stack of paperwork you took home on a Thursday night. If you commute regularly and park your car in a train station car park for instance then this is clearly still commonplace.

However the concept of work is changing and it should no longer be thought of as a place and time but rather something you do; this has mostly been the case for road warriors but traditionally the technology stack has not been there to support true work/life balance that everyone else needs while providing the security and policy that corporations require.

There has been a huge increase in technologies in recent years that can assist with creating the nirvana of work/life balance that we are seeking and EUC technologies can help make this happen. Vendors such as Microsoft, VMware and Citrix all have both VDI/SBC and mobility technologies that will allow almost absolutely everyone to perform every day to day work function without the need of being within “The Office”.

Technologies such as Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop, VMware Horizon View, Microsoft Remote Desktop Services among others all provide a fantastic user experience for applications and desktops with the security and customisation of policies that corporations need. Even graphic intensive workloads can be catered for and in most cases are more cost effective running within such an environment.

Mobility is also highly catered for with technologies such as Citrix XenMobile, VMware AirWatch and Microsoft Intune again among others cater for mobile devices again all with the ability to ring fence and secure and wipe any device whilst providing the flexibility and functionality that today's employees demand.

Combine these technologies and vendors along with the recent high profile Operating System and Applications reaching their end of support cycles it’s never been a better time to add work/life balance to your corporation's offering.

Allowing employees to work flexibly either within the office or out will not only allow them to watch the school Christmas play within their lunch break but will allow them to work more productively and in the end will improve a company's prosperity. With many companies already adopting this strategy and employees choosing jobs which offer it, the time to recognise work/life balance as a competitive advantage is now.

Author - Dale Scriven

Dale Scriven is an EUC Technical Consultant for CDW Ltd and works mainly within the Citrix and VMware EUC technology stack. He is a member of the British Computer Society VMware vEXPERT and has a number of certifications. He runs his own blog  and is an active member of the VMware and Citrix communities.


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