New ServiceWorks Product: ServiceWorks TimeTravel

Posted by ewilliamson on June 9, 2015

Amongst our roadmap of future product offerings, we’ve not yet planned the release of ServiceWorks TimeTravel; It may or may not be coming, but let’s assume we have just released it! So what would the world of IT look like now? We first need to pose this question of CDW’s own cloud platform ServiceWorks.

As some greater context, back in 2011, CDW made the decision to acquire space at three data centres across the UK, with abundance of rack space. We invested heavily with multi-vendor hardware, taking best of breed. This shiny new geographical divergent, power hungry kit all meshed together with dark fibre links and the facilitation of this kit being able to talk with peered sites by (again using the ubiquitous phrase) ‘best of breed’ comms platforms. So going back to the main point of ServiceWorks TimeTravel, would we CDW have done the same? The answer is only “Probably”.

So why only “Probably”, did we not see the future? The World of IT is moving towards converged IT platforms, so did we need to invest heavily in the facilities to house 200 plus racks of hardware for our traditional Colo customers? Probably not! It’s taken time, but virtualised multi-tenancy converged stacks are now becoming the norm, and decisions on the migration to ServiceWorks is consistently made when customers current IT platforms become aged and uneconomical to continue to run from onsite datacentres or adapted broom cupboards.

We’re now more used to dealing with Finance Directors and CEO’s rather than the Traditional IT managers. The traditional IT manager still has an important place, but has evolved, with ability to measure operational metrics now deemed more important than ability to crawl under desks and data centre floor tiles. Decisions to move to CDW’s ServiceWorks are no longer solely made on CDW’s platforms technical strengths, but moreover these decisions are based on business strategy, geographic locations and reliable financial planning.

So let’s assume, we’re launching ServiceWorks time travel tomorrow, running as a service on CDW’s best of breed stack of flashing green (and sometime amber) lights, what would your IT platform look like and more importantly could I have influenced Martin O’Neill whilst managing Aston Villa back in 2009 to sign Gareth Bale before he hit the big time?

Author: Kevin Wright

Kevin Wright is the ServiceWorks Program Manager at CDW. My responsibility is managing the on boarding of customers into our cloud, as well as managing internal ServiceWorks projects and enhancements. I’ve been with CDW since 2010, having working in the IT Service Delivery industry since graduating from the University of Central England in 1997 and delivering projects into customers since 2005. Married with three young kids, and living in rural North Warwickshire. I’m a self-confessed geek, petrol head and Aston Villa fan.


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